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Shock-ing Results and Winged Redemption: OWL Stonk Report

There is one week left in the 2020 OWL season, which means this is the next to last stonk report. So many fun moments have come from this series as well as so many right predictions. This week will wrap up the individual stonk reports and next week will be a special stonk report. Be sure to check back for what it’ll be, but for now here is the penultimate stonk report.

Stonks Up: Philadelphia Fusion

Image courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion

They actually did it. The Fusion, following a heartbreaking defeat in the Countdown Cup finals, blasted the Shock off the server with a 3-0 win. Over the past month Sado has been an absolute monster on Winston over the past month. Heesu’s improvement though is the key to Fusion’s success right now. After a shaky beginning to his OWL career, his performances have only gotten better. His Sombra is now arguably one of the best in the league just behind Lip. The number of clutch EMPs he hit this past week is just evidence of that. Add Alarm finally getting to play Ana and the Fusion are the most dangerous team right now. They are scary.

Stonks Down: SF Shock

shock week 13
Image Courtesy of San Francisco Shock

This loss was surprising to say the least. The surprising part was not that they lost, but how they lost. The Shock has not been 3-0d in over a year until this past weekend. Frankly, they looked outmatched only a week after beating the Fusion. They struggled on control, they lost their best map thanks to clutch plays by the Fusion, and then got beaten up on Temple of Anubis. This looked a little like the Shock from earlier in the season suddenly. They tried a bunch of stuff but it ultimately didn’t work. The Shock aren’t doomed by any means, but they will need to be ready for the playoffs really soon. 

Stonks Up: Seoul Dynasty

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty SNS

It is really about to happen again isn’t it? The Seoul Dynasty look reborn this week in the new hero pool and the hype has returned. The addition of Toyou has been massive for this team. Gesture now has a young, reliable off tank at his side and is looking much better. The Marve1 off tank experiment was fun, but it clearly wasn’t working. Meanwhile the DPS line of Fits, Profit, and Illicit will look to carry this team through the end of the year with their superb play. Seoul looks scary, but how long will that last.

Stonks Down: Atlanta Reign

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Image courtesy of Robert Paul for the Overwatch League


If Atlanta won both games this week, they could have almost locked themselves for the fifth seed in the playoffs. Instead, they lost to the Vancouver Titans and Paris Eternal. Now they sit behind the LA Valiant in the race for the fifth seed and have to hope the Valiant stumble this upcoming week. Lr1s and Saucy have both helped the Reign have different looks more often. Lr1s has looked better than Dogman so far, but the team is not winning enough. Atlanta needs to figure out what their plan is quick before playoffs

Stonks Up: LA Valiant

Image courtesy of Carlton Beener for Activision Blizzard Entertainment

They came, they saw, they conquered. The Valiant’s win over the Mayhem was massive for their playoff hopes. That win paired with the Atlanta Reign’s losses propelled them into fifth place in North America. KSP, McGravy, and Dreamer produced multiple clutch plays to get them to this point, now they just need to close it out. As long as the Valiant beat the Titans and Gladiators, they are locked for the fifth seed. It may all come down to the Battle for LA, how apropos. 

Stonks Up: LA Gladiators

2019-09-05 – Overwatch League 2019 Season / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

After a two match wins against the Fuel and Uprising, the Gladiators are looking to make a run at the fifth seed. The biggest revelation of the past month is Birdring. After an underwhelming Season 2, he looks to be returning to form at the perfect time. Biggoose’s Lucio play is also a bright spot, just look at his play on Eichwalde this past week. The Gladiators hold the head to head and map differential advantage with the Valiant, so all they need to do is win out to make top five.


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