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Shanghai Dragons Temporarily Relocate to South Korea

Shanghai Dragons Walkout

The Shanghai Dragons have announced that they will temporarily relocate their players and staffers to South Korea. This is a day after Guangzhou Charge announced the same measures. Other esports have also recently canceled their events in mainland China Including League of Legends.

Shanghai Dragons Coronavirus statement
image courtesy of the Shanghai Dragons twitter

One of the primary concerns fans expressed about Shanghai’s schedule in the region was over Min-seong “diem” Bae who has a history of respiratory illnesses and was recently put on health leave due to it. He is one of the most vulnerable individuals if afflicted by the virus.

The Impact on Shanghai Dragons Schedule

Shanghai is supposed to play in two weeks in their home city. But with the city’s transportation in lockdown and the outbreak growing each day, this is likely not going to be the case. But no official announcement has been made yet.

The Dragons statement also indicates that most likely all of the Pacific Conference teams have provided their feedback to the league office. This means an announcement from them is coming at any moment to explain what will be of the 2020 schedule in the region.

Since last week there has been a lot of discussion regarding the topic of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese region. At first, it came in the form of speculation. But with each day the picture of the impact the virus will have in the league is clearer.

Further updates will be provided as the story develops.
01/30/2020 update:

The Shanghai Dragons have announced their February 15th and 16th matches will be played online.

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