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Shanghai Dragons Stage 1 Week 4 Preview


Week 3 brought together thrilling matchups for the Shanghai Dragons, one turning in their favor. The team currently sits 2-3 overall and 14th in the standings, so a stage playoff berth is unlikely. Despite the sad news, Dragons fans should be optimistic moving forward, including Week 4’s set of matchups. Here are some short synopses of Week 3’s matches.


Photo Courtesy from the Shanghai Dragons

Chengdu Hunters: 2-2

The final score of 4-0 wouldn’t do enough justice as to how this matchup played out. This match included no shutouts, double overtime and both teams had stellar defense on Dorado. This may have been the first match this season where the Dragons dominated a main tank player (Ding “Ameng” Menghan). Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang had another exceptional match on D. Va and Sombra, laying down self-destructs and EMPs that sent the Hunters scrambling. With cohesive team play and big performances, the Dragons claimed their second win of the season.

Player of the Game

Min-seong “diem” Bae on Zarya was absolutely dominant. Dealing over 50,000 hero damage, 81 high-energy kills and 36 final blows, the Dragons were unstoppable. The Dragons needed someone to keep the win streak alive, and diem answered the call.

Dallas Fuel: 3-2

The toughest match so far for Shanghai, the Dragons took the game to five maps. Aside from the two control maps, Shanghai actually outplayed the Fuel 2-1. Despite their two losses on Ilios and Nepal, the Dragons were held at 99% multiple times, where one team fight could have changed the end result. As the Dragons faced off against a strong lineup with Dylan “aKm” Bignet and Min-seok “OGE” Son, the end result shouldn’t deter them from thinking they played anything less than excellent.

Player of the Game

DDing played at an incredibly high level once again on Sombra against the Fuel. Throughout the young season, teams have constantly struggled to be able to monitor the DPS. If he can keep his stealth up and have the opposing team guessing, the wins will continue to roll in for Shanghai.


Dallas Fuel: 3-2

In an incredibly odd schedule matchup, the Dragons will play the Fuel in back-to-back games. The rematch will feature Nepal as the first map, where Dallas won 2-0 in Week 3. They’ll look to turn the tide on Dallas, bringing them even in the standings.

The Dragons will need to nail their main target, OGE. OGE seemed revitalized at their Week 3 match, as he struggled in the first two weeks as the Fuel’s main tank. Expect DDing’s Sombra to take that primary role so the Dragons can dive into team fights. Now that these teams know each other, it’s up to Seong-hwan “BlueHaS” We to help the Dragons exploit the Fuel’s weaknesses. There’s only one problem: Dallas will probably do the same thing with Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh’s inexperience with the team.

Shanghai will win the matchup 3-2, putting themselves back at an even record.


In a pool of OWL players that have had over two hours of match play so far, diem currently ranks 11th in hero damage on Zarya (per average of 10 minutes). If he can continue stellar play, he’ll rank in the top ten after Wek 4 (hot take).

London Spitfire: 3-2

Photo Courtesy of the Shanghai Dragons

Rounding out a tough week, Shanghai will have the opportunity to give London a run for their money. The reigning champions have struggled in season 2, not providing a strong GOATs composition. The combined record of London’s current opponent that they’ve beaten is 4-11, with only one of the three not being decided by one map. With players like Joon-yeong “Profit” Park who can turn the tide in a matter of seconds, the Dragons will need to keep London from winning consecutive team fights.

Both Shanghai and London have struggled on escort maps so far this season, but the Dragons have not yet played Route 66. The Spitfire were shut out in their only time on that map, 0-3 versus Paris. The Dragons could have the advantage with these tendencies, and it could turn the tides of the match.

The Dragons’ stronger GOATs composition will propel them past London 3-2.

Player to Watch

Shanghai is going to have to get creative if they need to win their matchups in Week 4, especially against the Fuel. Look for Yong-Jin “YOUNGJIN” Jin to possibly slide into a DPS hero for a non-GOATs composition to either flip a point or land the first punch.

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