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Overwatch: Shanghai Dragons Stage 2 Week 5 Preview

Shanghai Week 5 Preview

The Dragons currently sit 3-2 in the standings (with a +2 map differential) after four weeks in Stage 2. With one week to go, Shanghai will face teams from both ends of the spectrum. They control their own fate, entering the Stage 2 Playoffs or being pumped out at ninth. Also with a little bit of luck, the Dragons could enter their first Stage Playoff in franchise history.


Washington Justice: 0-5 (1-11 overall)

Shanghai Week 5 Preview
Photo Courtesy of the Washington Justice on Twitter

It is no doubt that the Justice have had an atrocious season so far. Not being able to grasp a win yet in Stage 2, the team recently upgraded their roster with Nikola “sleepy” Andrews and Yeonjoon “Ark” Hong. This Washington team has yet to play a full stage together but have many necessary pieces to spoil playoff hopes.

The Shanghai Dragons will need a full sweep in order to boost their map differential for not only this stage, but this week. Paris may be the Dragons’ toughest map set for the series, as Assault is their weak point. Back in Week 2, Washington stunned the Atlanta Reign on a full-hold on Paris. Shanghai found some magic against Houston on 2CP maps with Weida “Diya” Lu in the lineup, tying the map on a 0-0 draw through his Ashe. With Diya gone for two weeks, Shanghai will need another strategy for their playoff dreams.

Prediction: Shanghai’s momentum is too much for Washington, 4-0.

Player to Watch

Recently in Stage 2, the Dragons have moved to a strategy that removes Min-seong “diem” Bae from the lineup on Assault maps. After constantly rotating Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim in the slot, Shanghai moved to Diya and found some momentum on the map type. Diya proved that DPS like Ashe provides just enough room to dominate, perfect for diem. The man who is famous for his Widowmaker may not get to play the sniper, but fans may see something else from his deep hero pool.

San Francisco Shock: 5-0 (9-3 overall)

Shanghai Week 5 Preview
Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

Ever since their slow start, the Shock have ultimately become one of the strongest teams in the league. The teams’ cohesion is above all but they are the one team in the league with a perfect map record so far in Stage 2. Although the Fusion may be the best team to break this streak, the Dragons will also have their shot. Aside from Paris, the other three maps are ones that Shanghai dominates on (King’s Row, Oasis, and Rialto).

Although nothing is certain, it will be incredibly tough for Shanghai to pull up a win in this matchup. Realistically, if the Dragons can pull at least one map from San Francisco, it would be a win for the team. Expect the classic GOATs versus GOATs matchup. If diem can get some picks against Jay “sinatraa” Won moving out of position to make a play, this could be interesting.

Prediction: The Shock won’t budge an inch for Shanghai’s map differential, and will sweep Shanghai 4-0.

Fun Fact

Before Week 5 starts, diem has placed himself in the top ten in another statistic, eliminations. Currently sitting ninth, the Zarya/Widowmaker averages 20.5 eliminations a game, many of which are his own doing. This sits well with his Final Blows statistic, currently still placed second overall in the league.

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