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Overwatch League: Shanghai Dragons Stage 2 Week 3 Review


The Shanghai Dragons continued a winning streak through Week 3, as they took down both of their opponents. They may not be at the level to the likes of Vancouver or the NYXL, but Shanghai is on the rise. The Dragons would only give up one map out of the eight to their foe, being dominant in almost all facets. They’re still plenty of room to improve, and having a bye in Week 4 will help prepare for Week 5.

Week 3 Matches

Florida Mayhem: 0-6 (1-12 Overall)

The Dragons were able to complete at least one round against the Mayhem, something they haven’t done much of this season. One of the highlights included when they took on Eichenwalde, as the Dragons were stellar both ways. This was largely in part of the Dragons’ ability to hold fights far from the point, despite being a man down. On their attack, the Mayhem didn’t contest the point in the entirety from A to B.

Shanghai’s only damper was on Hanamura, where they lost in extra rounds, 3-4. Despite the lost map, the Dragons have struggled on 2CP maps all season. Being able to complete the first round of attack was a major step in the right direction for the future weeks. Shanghai dominated with a final score of 3-1.

Player of the Match

Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang was phenomenal in this matchup, being a diverse pool of DPS Heroes. Even though he was on his signature Sombra and Pharah, featuring Symmetra on Lijiang Tower was one of the turning points in that map. Featuring 36 eliminations on Pharah alone, the DPS earned this honor.

Houston Outlaws: 0-3 (3-7 Overall)

This was arguably an even better performance than later in the week versus the Mayhem. The Dragons didn’t let Houston complete a single map, and shut them out in three of those maps. An absolute stomp happened right out of the gate, as they Dragons took Oasis 2-0. In an emphasis on the Dragons being dominant, Matt “coolmatt” Lorio led the Outlaws in eliminations. Houston had no answers to the Dragons onslaught of attacks.

Image Courtesy of @pidoodle on Twitter

One of the brightest highlights came on Anubis, as Weida “Diya” Lu came in for his first match of the season. Shanghai was looking for a new strategy in assault maps, and they reached a step farther in this tie. Diya led the entire round in damage, dealing out over 10,000 in total. His stellar play on Ashe was a big reason that the Dragons full-held the Outlaws on their attack.

Shanghai beat the Outlaws on a final score of 3-0.

Player of the Match

Despite Diya having a phenomenal opening performance in his first match, DDing rightfully earned the honor again. Houston had no answers for DDing on both Pharah and Sombra, as he laid 47 hacks from EMPs alone. Throughout this week DDing may have solidified himself as a top five DPS player, and certainly a top Pharah (not a hot take whatsoever).

Moving Forward

Shanghai is contesting for a spot in the Stage 2 Playoffs, and they need to maintain a winning record to earn it. They’ll face off against both Washington and San Francisco in Week 5, and it’ll be tough. Obviously, San Francisco will be their toughest opponent in Stage 2, as at least one map win would prove to be an overall success. Washington may be the difference maker, as a full sweep could lock the Dragons into their first ever stage playoff.

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