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Gamsu: Possible Landing Spots in 2020

Youngjin "Gamsu" Noh

The Shanghai Dragons’ star main tank Young-Jin “Gamsu” Noh entered free agency on Monday, October 7. After his last-minute trade from Boston to Shanghai at the beginning of the 2019 season, his positive attitude and shotcalling was integral to their revamped roster’s steady rise in performance. With him being one of the few high-profile main tanks on the market, he’s sure to fetch a pretty penny in negotiations.

Philadelphia: Picking Up Sado’s Slack

The Philadelphia Fusion’s current main tank, Su-Min “Sado” Kim was often a sore point for the team. His performance was not up to the quality of play from the rest of the Fusion. Sado is also a free agent, and one that may not have a spot in Philadelphia next year.

While the Fusion will already be spending a lot trying to retain Carpe, if they were to make room in the budget for Gamsu, he could be a great asset in maintaining the quality of their roster going into the 2020 season. Philadelphia has always played more off-the-cuff, scrappy Overwatch, and Gamsu’s clean play can really elevate their game.

On the Uprising, Gamsu’s Winston was a key driver in the cleanest dive play of that season. Boston became famous for close games, and his mental fortitude can help Philadelphia push past their famous map five curse. The innovative style of Shanghai highlighted their talents, which could be an asset for a team like the Fusion who often have trouble fitting their talented roster into the current meta.

Toronto: Gamsu Goes North

Another team in need are the Toronto Defiant. The Defiant have had a rocky start to their Overwatch League career, as they’ve had very little success especially after undergoing a major change in roster mid-season. Kyeong-Mu “Yakpung” Cho was supplemented by Normunds “sharyk” Faterins during the mid-season shifts. Both of these main tank players have not been able to change the Defiant’s downward trajectory this season.

Youngjin "Gamsu" Noh
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

While multiple roles on the Defiant could use an upgrade, none as much as the main tank. Gamsu has experience on a mixed roster from his time with the Uprising. He has a great track record, with multi-year success across two teams. He also has the ability to lead a team through the tribulations associated with having a poor reputation. 

Boston went into the inaugural season placed at the bottom of most power rankings. They finished as the third ranked team. Shanghai began the 2019 season having never won a game, and left as Stage 3 champions. Gamsu may not be able to single-handedly turn around the Defiant’s season, but he can lend a hand in getting them back on track.

Guangzhou: Collecting Fan-favorites

The Guangzhou Charge seemed like they were on the outside looking in throughout 2019. The Chinese mixed-language roster has a lot of talent which continually impressed. Close games against the league’s colossi (Shock, Titan, Excelsior) put the Charge on the radar, Despite the parity, many of those games did not go their way. This fact is reflected in their 15 – 13 record with a +4 map differential.

With only a small hill to climb to contend with the top dogs, the Charge may be looking for upgrades in key roles. While their starting main tank, Seung-pyo “Rio” Oh is still under contract, their mid-season pickup Joona “Fragi” Laine is currently a free agent. While not playing Fragi may make sense strategically, he is a strong fan-favorite and a good face for the brand. Few other players have built in fan bases attached, but Gamsu is certainly one of them. With Fragi and Rio on the Charge, one player has a built in fan base and one is on the starting six. With Gamsu on the Charge, one player can perform both roles.

Players like Gamsu who have a lot of opportunities may use the free agency window to seek more beneficial contracts. Most likely, Shanghai will be trying to keep Gamsu on board in 2020. It’s possible that they might have him signed before the free agency window even opens.

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