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Year of the Tiger for Gen.G

It is 2022 and though the last two years in the esport world have brought massive growth it also has seemed lackluster with the squashing on events and LANs because of the Coronavirus. Gen.G has, even before the new year, started to implement some big changes. This has been from social media to roster rebuilds. The year of the tiger is here and Gen.G is looking to make a splash.

Social Media and Fan Internations

Gen.G created at the end of 2021 a new discord server that serves all of the fans of all the different Gen.G esport teams. This has brought about a supportive community altogether. Not only has this new server allowed for the intersection of Gen.G esport fans to mingle but has also made efforts to connect with the fans. The server has put together multiple giveaways for different esport groups of fans. Currently, the Seoul Dynasty holiday well-wishing event just ended. This has allowed for more fan interactions that will hopefully continue in 2022.


Courtesy of Gen.G

There is a slight hope, that has been marred by the Omnicron variant that LAN events would be back. Because of Covid, the Seoul Dynasty has not had their homestand yet in South Korea. The Korean fans have been deprived of being able to cheer for their team in person since the inaugural season when the Overwatch League was based in Burbank, California. The CDL has teased in-person LAN events and the fans can only hope that the Overwatch League will follow suit in a safe manner.


It is unfair to say that the Gen.G teams haven’t been good because there are many occasions in which the teams pull out great wins as well as placed far into tournaments. But there hasn’t been that moment yet that the team has won it all. The League of Legends team saw some changes after their last Worlds, the PUBG team just announced changes to the roster and coach; the Seoul Dynasty saw an aggressive rebuild with a new head coach to name a few of the changes that have been going on. With these rebuilds, it can only be assumed that Gen.G is going all-in to get the winning spot in each of their esport titles that they are a part of.

The Year of the Tiger

The year of the tiger brings a lot of hope to the tiger nation. What the Year of the Tiger rebranding will bring, the fans can only guess as of now. But it promises to bring a lot of surprises to the fans and community. The Tiger Nation will wish for their teams to show their stripes and come out on top in 2022.

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