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Seoul Dynasty

Who will Tiger Nation Cheer for in the OWL 2021 Playoffs?

With the Seoul Dynasty out of the Season 4 playoffs, the fan base will be fans for loan for the remaining season. Of course, each individual fan has their own factors that might already have their number two spot locked in. Many of the remaining teams do have a slight connection to the Seoul Dynasty which might bias the fandom to lean a little more towards a few teams than others. Here is a look at how or why Tiger Nation might cheer for the remaining teams vying to be the Grand Champions.

San Francisco Shock

The Seoul Dynasty fandom does not have much of a connection with the San Francisco Shock, but there is one small lingering thread that connects the two. That is one DPS player that goes by the name Glister. Some may not remember but Glister was a part of Gen.G and the contenders team. Many were very excited at the possibility of Glister joining the Seoul Dynasty, before it was announced that he was going to the London Spitfire last Season. Gen.G fans especially might dig down deep to cheer for the Shock if only to see Glister win a Championship.

Dallas Fuel

Courtesy of OGN

Many Seoul Dynasty fans are nostalgic. They come from the time of Lunatic-Hai, LW Blue, Kongdoo Panthera and other APEX teams. The fact that the Dallas Fuel are essentially Element Mystic pulls at the heart strings of Tiger Nation’s heart. To see a resurgence of an APEX team that was thought to be long gone plays at the hidden hope for a reunion of our own.

Shanghai Dragons

Photo Courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment.

The Shanghai Dragons are the forever rivals of the Seoul Dynasty. It seems like that anime troupe of ‘If I can’t win it all, I hope you do because you are my rival and I respect you’ moment. The Dragons have come so far and have always been positive towards Tiger Nation when they have won as well as loss. Not to mention that the former DPS of the Seoul Dynasty, Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim is on the Dragons. Though he won MVP last year, it would be nice to see him attain the ultimate win of the Overwatch League Champion.

Atlanta Reign

Out of all the team the Reign has the least amount of connections. There are no players or coaches that used to be on the Seoul Dynasty. None of the Korean players have been a part of Gen.G. There is no existing nostalgia like the Dallas Fuel either. Unless a Tiger Nation member had a preexisting liking towards or connection with the Reign, this would be the least likely team for the Seoul fandom to cheer for.

Chengdu Hunters

The Seoul Dynasty fans may want to see an APAC team victorious. This could be seen as a possible divide between APAC fans and NA/EU fans. The tension between these countries and teams in general have been quite high this season. NA EU Seoul fans may cheer for the fellow APAC team. It is more unlikely that an APAC fan would cheer for the Hunters because of the bad blood. Unless a fan has a previously standing allegiance or preference towards the Hunters, there are other teams left in the standings that are more generally appealing for Tiger Nation to cheer for.

Philadelphia Fusions

Courtesy of Tobi’s Instagram

Though it was the Fusion that knocked out the Seoul Dynasty there is one major pull that might drag Tiger Nation to cheer for Philadelphia. Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang no doubt is the player that can move the hearts of Tiger Nation better than anyone else, apart from Seoul. Add to the fact that after the loss in the Grand Finals he posted about his hope to win a star. This desire for Tiger Nation to see Tobi win again, even without wearing the black and gold, might just be enough to edge out the Fusion to be Tiger Nation’s pick to win it all.

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