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Overwatch Seoul Dynasty

What Could Be: Season 4 Seoul Dynasty Homestand

The Seoul Dynasty, alongside many other teams, were robbed of their homestands. It was because of Covid-19 that the season was moved online. Even with the Grand Final in South Korea, there were no in-person events. This is a piece to speculate what could be in Season 4 if there are homestands.


When it was first announced that DDP was going to the location of the Seoul Dynasty homestand, it was mind-blowing. This is a cultural epicenter in Seoul. The location is amazing for fans as well as foreigners traveling to the arena. The building itself has an aesthetic that matches the Seoul Dynasty. The location, if possible, shouldn’t change. A Gen.G arena would be the only location that could top the original DDP spot.



There is a vision. In this vision, the Seoul Dynasty pull up to the arena in their Mercedes Benz cars as they step out to their walkout song. Bomb by Junoflo never really got its moment to shine. 82 by pH-1, the Seoul Dynasty’s walkout song for Season 1, did get its moment. What could be amazing would be a live performance of the two with a mash-up that transitions from Season 1 to Season 2.

This doesn’t have to be the only musical performance, though. Amber Liu and Juniel have had previous collaborations with the Seoul Dynasty. There is good chance that they would have some other musical guests to either live perform or DJ in-between sets.

Video Segments

Not all performances are live. With the great historical success of APEX and their video segments, there is a slight hope that there would be a resurgence of some of the past favorites. And yes, that includes karaoke. This would be the golden opportunity to hear Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang get his redemption from the previous recording during APEX.

There would be high expectations about the video intros that would highlight the style that were seen by the Seoul Dynasty photo shoots that they have done in the past.


The biggest pull for many fans are the promise of the many guests that would appear. Joonhyuk ‘Zunba’ Kim, Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong, Injae ‘Esca’ Kim and Chanhyung ‘Fissure’ Baek are just a few names that could stop by to support their teammates. Expect that many of the old Korean Pros whether they are on a team or not would come visit. The old memories of the fan signs after APEX would be relived as not only current players but maybe also past as well.

Spiralcats would also make an appearance in their classic Seoul Dynasty-inspired cosplay. They have been supporting the Seoul Dynasty for many seasons, even coming out to Burbank for their Team of the Day era.

The Matches

Of course, the hope for all homestands is for the hosting team to win all of their matches. Moreover, something that would elevate the momentousness of the occasion would be to invite teams such as the Shanghai Dragons, the NYXL and other teams that are also all or majority Korean, along with legacy Seoul Dynasty players such as Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim.

Many of these Korean players have fans who have supported them since the APEX days. To allow them the moment as well in the home country playing in front of friends, family and fans would be an amazing experience. A key match many fans would want to see would be the Seoul Dynasty face the NYXL who are a fearsome yet admirable rival with the Dynasty.


Courtesy of Ryujehong’s Twitter

It is not secret that Gen.G has great merch. Their Team of the Day face mask merch was a fan favorite. Within multiple videos by the Seoul Dynasty, fans have caught sight of a plush keychain that has been lusted after. That would be a perfect piece of merch to have available as well as their classic Gen.G merch that they sell with the Tiger Nation branding.

A wish that many fans have had for a while is a Seoul Dynasty light stick. The fandom between esports and kpop are very much intertwined. To have a light stick available for fans to use to cheer on their team would mean a lot to the Tiger Nation.

Season 4

Fans can only hope that Season 4 will bring about homestands again. The Korean fans have been waiting to be able to cheer on their hometown team for three seasons. There can only be speculation until the Overwatch League announces their future plans for Season 4. Hopefully, all the hopes of what the Tiger Nation wished that their Season 3 homestand to be will come true plus much more for whenever their first homestand will be.


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