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Week 24: How the Seoul Dynasty are Approaching the Countdown Cup

The Seoul Dynasty players have had a week of vacation before heading back to their headquarters to prepare for August’s tournament, the Countdown Cup. The Dynasty were not able to pull out an upset in the brackets like they did in the May Melee, but still got to the quarters to face off against the Shanghai Dragons. Third time is the charm for the Dynasty to pull a win during these monthly tournaments. Who will pull ahead in Week 24, Seoul or the Hangzhou?

Hangzhou Spark : 7-10-0

Alarm OWL
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Spark powered up their roster with the addition of Minho ‘Architect’ Park, but there still seems to be some coordination issues. During the Summer Showdown playoffs against the NYXL, the team seemed sloppy, though Architect’s Genji was getting good usage. With the hero pools for Week 24 having Mei, Widowmaker, Orisa and Ana out of the rotation this puts the Dynasty in a disadvantage. Orisa and Ana have been staples within the Dynasty’s comps, but no Widowmaker could be a blessing that they will not have to deal with the Spark’s sniper.

week 24 Seoul
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

What does the Seoul Dynasty need to do to win?

The Dynasty needs to control the tempo of the match. In the past couple matches they played more passive. That allowed the enemy teams to take advantage and gain better LOS/positioning. With Orisa out, double shield is unlikely to be played. Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi would be the logical choice to be put in as without Sigma, Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang is not as good at off tank as Michelle. That also puts into question if Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong’s best hero is out of rotation, is this the time for the resurgence of the Michelle/Marve1 duo? Who the coaches put in to play will define the match and rather than DPS, it will lie on the shoulders of the supports and tanks.

Week 24 Prediction: 3:1 Seoul Dynasty 

The Dynasty needs to come out strong. Though during the brackets of these monthly tournaments, the team has performed, leading up they have been at the bottom of the leaderboards. It is time for the team to start out with a win. Consistency has evaded the Dynasty, and is essential to be considered a top team. That being said, their performance against the Spitfire shows that they can have those dominant performances. The lack of coordination the Spark leaves the door open for Seoul to sneak an early win in for the Countdown Cup.

Player to Watch: Sungjun ‘Slime’ Kim

During the Summer Showdown the fans have seen the two different looks that Slime brought to the team. Against the London Spitfire Slime, though his positioning was off a couple of times, looked pretty good. Brig is a hero the fans would expect that he would feel comfortable on. He helped bring the team to a 3:1 victory. Slime also started in the quarter final match against the Shanghai Dragons. It wasn’t that Slime didn’t look good, but when Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang came in, the team looked better. During these weeks off, how did Slime work to improve his Brig and coordination with the team?

If Changgoon does put Slime in to start, which version of Slime will be seen; the Slime that played against the London Spitfire or the Slime of the Shanghai Dragon’s match? With Ana out of the hero pools, which is Seungtae ‘Bdosin’ Choi’s best hero, a Slime and Tobi support duo would be interesting to see, with a Bap, Lucio.

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Hangzhou's Playoff Push Begins In Week 24 July 16, 2020 at 6:28 pm

[…] With recent announcements of both August’s “Countdown Cup” and the official Postseason for the 2020 season. The Overwatch League has found a perfect balance of competition when many thought the season was over, due to unforeseen circumstances. While the Hangzhou Spark have not found much success in tournament settings, the team finds itself 11 in the standings and with room for improvement. The playoffs seem so far off, but the momentum gained from next month’s tournament will surely carry into the postseason. And for the Spark, qualifiers start with a familiar match-up: The Seoul Dynasty. […]


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