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Week 20 for the Seoul Dynasty: Grudge Match Rematch

Week 20 brings forth a rematch between the Seoul Dynasty and the Guangzhou Charge. The May Melee might be a distant memory that the Charge would like to forget, when the bottom ranked Seoul Dynasty beat the Charge, knocking them out of the tournament. With Alberto ‘neptuNo‘ González out of quarantine by the time the match rolls around, the Charge is back up to full power. They will want to seek revenge and prove that the Dynasty’s win was a fluke. The Dynasty on the other hand has a lot to prove as the community is calling them an inconsistent team and bringing into question their players.

Guangzhou Charge: 9-6-0

This is the first week that hero pools have been extended to two weeks in the Overwatch League. That means Sombra, Echo, D.Va and Brig are still out of rotation. At first look this is beneficial to the Seoul Dynasty. Echo has always been an issue for Seoul to play and deal with, as well as D.Va being a weakness for Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang. Though last weekend that didn’t give them an edge against the NYXL.

OWL Week 20

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty

The Dynasty showed that their Defense is their strength. They were able to hold the NYXL from finishing multiple maps, but when it came to attacking they fell short. To win this match, The Dynasty needs to not play themselves. The team have said that they don’t want to rely on what they are good at. The coaches know best, and the team may have had success in scrims with off brand strategies. If they do go with Winston, Zarya or a Bastion on a map, everything else needs to be clean. The bubble, the ultimate usage and communication to go in together.

The Guangzhou Charge were number one in the APAC region for a reason. They bring to the table great mechanical skills, well versed player synergy and clean game play. To break this, the Dynasty will want to focus on the supports of the Charge. If they can isolate the healing that will make dangerous players like Charlie “Nero” Zwarg have to play more conservatively. This will be the Seoul’s DPS space to make the big plays.

Prediction: 3:1 Charge 

Guangzhou Charge: Stage 3 Week 5 Preview
Image Courtesy of @GZCharge on Twitter

The Charge will have had multiple weeks to prepare for this match. As the Dynasty played in Week 19, the Charge has footage of how Seoul plays certain maps and heroes in this meta. Their determination will be strong after being beaten in the May Melee. Meanwhile the Seoul Dynasty had to prepare for the NYXL last week and has no footage of the Charge’s play style or hero picks during this meta.

There is always a disadvantage for the Dynasty. The players will nonetheless try their hardest to overcome these barriers to pull out a win. They will have a lot to work on this coming week to improve from last week’s performance. It is a lot to overcome, and though the Dynasty has it in them to win, there might just be too much to overcome this time around.

Player to Watch: Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong 

Gesture needs to play more conservatively. There seems to be some disconnect between Gesture and the rest of the team when it comes to engagements into fights. Feeding seems to be too harsh, but there were many times in which he would jump in and not have the support or communication to get back out. As Reinhardt said “Don’t worry my friends. I am your shield!” Gesture is the anchor and shield for this team. His Orisa is great and double shield is the bread and butter of Seoul Dynasty. It is when they flex onto compositions like Winston-Zarya when he looks shaky. Keep an eye out to see how Gesture plays and they level of synergy, and that will be a huge determining factor of how well the Dynasty will do in the match against the Charge.

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