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Week 2 PreReview Seoul Dynasty

Week 2 Seoul

Review of Week 1

The Seoul Dynasty’s first off week was week 1. They were able to take a look at what other teams were playing to be as prepared as possible. It is a level playing field as neither the Hangzhou Spark or Shanghai Dragons had a match week 1. Now it is time to look ahead and review what is expected for the Dynasty’s week 2 match-ups. 

Preview of Week 2

The Seoul Dynasty doesn’t ease their way into the league with a soft 1 match the first week of play. The Dynasty will be facing two high tier teams the Hangzhou Spark and the Shanghai Dragons. This will be a real test to see how Seoul is going to stack up to an already proven roster of the Spark and a hyped roster with new players the Dragons. 

Hangzhou Spark (2/15): 0-0-0

Hangzhou Spark
Courtesy of Business Wire

The first match of the Season 3 is a rematch of the last match of Season 2 for the Dynasty. This feels like a make it or break it match that will define the season for Seoul. In the past, the Spark’s support have been able to help carry the team to victories. If Seoul is able to cut the backline off so that healing can’t get to the DPS and tanks then they will be in a good position to take the match. 

Prediction: 3:1 Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty in past seasons have come out strong. With the revenge factor, Seoul will have prepared for this match the most. 3:1 Seoul Dynasty is the prediction. It is going to be an anxiety-ridden match either way. 

Player to Watch:

The player to watch, if put in, is Creative. With Ryujehong gone from the Seoul Dynasty, the Dynasty’s flex support is in flux. Creative has a great amount of potential available if his time on contenders is any suggestion of what is to come. With Highly traded to the London Spitfire, one would assume that Creative works better with the team or is mechanically better. If he is able to pull out his Ana this match, the OWL fans will see that the Tiger Nation no longer has their Ryujehong Ana God; but Creative is an Ana God in training. 

Shanghai Dragons (2/16): 0-0-0

The Shanghai Dragons have strengthened their coaching and roster over the offseason. If their pre-season show matches can carry over to the actual Overwatch League they will be a force to be reckoned with. Their DPS and Supports are where their strength lies, so if Seoul is able to isolate their Tanks and take them out early they may have an upper hand. 

Prediction: 3:2 Seoul Dynasty 

Diem is unable to participate because of his injury, which takes a huge amount of power off of the table for the Shanghai Dragons. They of course still have LIP, DDing and Fleta, but Diem always was able to make an impact in-game. 3-2 in favor of the Dynasty, but in reality, this game could go either way easily. It is really going to depend on who shows up that day in-game. 

Player to watch:

Dragons Fleta
Courtesy of the Shanghai Dragons

The player to watch is definitely Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim. There has to be a little bit of rivalry on Fleta’s part with his old teammates. In the past, the main criticism was that Fleta was either on or off and the match’s result would be dependent on that for the Dynasty. Fleta’s pop-off factor is something to look for when watching this game. On the flip side, Seoul Dynasty is going to know all of his habits and tricks; can Fleta switch it up enough so that the Dynasty doesn’t completely shut him down?


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