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Top 8 Social Media Content the Seoul Dynasty should Produce

The social media (or SNS) is a big component of the Overwatch League. No, it doesn’t help the players improve in-game, but it pushes towards the marketability of the players. There are some iconic names when thinking about the League, Sinatraa, Super, Jake, Pine, SBB, Ryujehong, Bumper, etc. The Seoul Dynasty have been inconsistent with their overall content that they put out. Of course, it needs to be addressed that there is only so much time in a day, a week, a month for the teams to scrim, vod review, practice, human daily functions, have time for themselves, etc. If a team had to pick between preparing for a match or putting players in front of the camera to do content, it is clear which one they would want to do.

Here are some popular SNS content that many of Tiger Nation want to see (and some people never asked for but it would be funny).


Putting the Seoul Dynasty players and sharp knives together might not be the best idea, but the LA Valiant with Agiltiies and Kariv got around that with butter knives (which Tiger Nation would also suggest for the Seoul boys). Most time on SNS if the players post about food it is food that they got at a restaurant. In Season 2 when the players lived in apartments, some of the food was basic at best and weird ramen concoctions as worst. It would be hilarious as the best cook in Joonhyuk ‘Zunba’ Kim is now gone. If it was a cooking competition have Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong, Changgoon, and Wizardhyeong be the judges. I am sure the facial reactions alone in eating the food would be worth the video.

Mukbang (eating stream)

The other side of cooking is eating. The Seoul Dynasty love to eat. They especially love to eat KBBQ. Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Jehong lately has had multiple mukbang streams, where he simply eats in front of his webcam. The Seoul Dynasty boys with a table of food eating and chatting. It might sound boring, but there are sure to be questions from chat, there could be pop in challenges for the players to complete. It would be a fun and interactive stream, as the team hasn’t been utilizing their team twitch stream for a while.

Death Match/Custom Games

Bring back the Death Match content. This could be streamed on Douyu or Twitch and then made into a youtube video or just put straight onto youtube. The community sees the players in Overwatch all the time. The fun part is when they aren’t super serious and are interacting. In Season 2 Ryujehong and Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim did a Q&A on stream before Fleta played on stream. The Seoul Players were feeling silly that day and member of the Dynasty was in a duo trying to stream snipe Fleta. It was the most chaotic but fun to watch as they were all streaming their own perspectives. It allowed the community to see their personalities. With custom games, there are endless possibilities of what they could do. This is also an option the players would feel more comfortable with as it is still based in Overwatch.

Ratings of Items

It is no secret that the boys have items that they identify and like. Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang is at the epicenter of having a particular liking to certain objects. To have him to a ranking list of the best ice creams, his favorite glasses that he owns would be adorable content. To have the whole team involved, have all the players rank all the ice cream choices and then have Tobi judge it. There is a lot of content that could be done around the player’s personal tastes that would help the fans get to them know them better.

PUGs — with Academy Teams

Courtesy of Gen. G Twitter.

Gen. G have a large reservoir of Overwatch talent. Players such as Sanguinar were picked up by the London Spitfire being a part of the T3 Gen.G academy team. Just like how Tobi and Sungjun ‘Slime’ Kim competed before the Lunatic-Hai and Runaway match with contenders talent it would be fun to see the Seoul Dynasty play PUGs with the other Gen.G Overwatch talent. There could be 2-3 Dynasty players on each team and filling the rest of the roster out with the trainees and Contenders players. It would be a great way to show the leadership of the players as well as introduce the community to the contender and trainees at Gen.G

Harry Potter Houses

The Seoul Dynasty did what is the Myer Briggs’ personality for each of the Seoul Dynasty players. When all the Overwatch League teams were based in LA, the players would go to Harry Potter world to venture around. What Tiger Nation may want to know, though they all might be self-proclaimed Gryffindors, what are their real houses? No doubt the video would come with denial, banter, and teasing which is always fun to see.

Who Does This – Pick a Player

Most people know of the TikTok trend in which there is an audio saying ‘who spends the most money’ and either the participants will point at the person or a guardian/family member will point at them. This could be a hilarious video in which it isn’t just a regular question but also in-game such as ‘Who screams the loudest in match’ or ‘Who is most likely to fall off the edge of the map’. This could be the players pointing at each other, or the coaches standing behind them and pointing at the players. It would even be fun to see the player’s self chose and then have the coaches watch and react to it to say if they agree or disagree.

Ask Me Anything

Bring back ‘Ask Me Anything’ to the youtube channel. It was an interaction with the fans. They could submit questions for the staff to pick our for the players to answer. This used to also be done on the Instagram story of the Dynasty, which hasn’t happened for a while either. It was amusing to see what the players would answer. Especially with Covid-19, the fans are not getting the interaction with the players as there are no homestands. This would be a way to connect with the fans. The Washington Justice and Houston Outlaws have been doing companion streams, after the match meet and greet questions, and Discord Q&As. It would be nice to see that with the Seoul Dynasty as well.

Seoul Dynasty’s SNS Content

Social Media
Courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty Youtube Channel

When the Dynasty do SNS content it is amazing. Standout videos of Miro interviewing the Season 2 Seoul Dynasty, Zunba’s Goodbye video, the LA house tour, the spicy food challenge, and the secret Santa videos still bring Tiger Nation laughs. It is more of this content that it hopefully brought to the forefront where the players’ personalities can really shine through. Those are the videos that do well as the fans get to see into the lives of the players. Again it is surely hard for the team to prioritize producing content when they know that the time could be used to prepare for matches. When they are making SNS content their opponents are preparing for a match would be a thought in the back of their minds while filming. Tiger Nation are thankful for all the staff and SNS content that the Dynasty does put up, especially their posts with art integrated in as been a real improvement from last season.


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