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Top 5 Takeaways for the Seoul Dynasty from All About OWL 2020

Arnold Hur, Gen G and Seoul Dynasty’s COO, was in a Youtube video that updated Tiger Nation on the offseason moves of the team. The video focused on a lot of the whispers that had been going around from fans. The transparency was nice. It allowed Tiger Nation to see why they made the moves that they did. Here are the top 5 takeaways from All About OWL 2020. 

1. Player First Organization

This has been a montra from Gen G and Seoul Dynasty for a long time. They are a player first organization. That philosophy comes out in multiple ways. It appears when Gen G helps their old Seoul Dynasty members. They make sure that the player is in the best position. This is mentioned in roster moves as well as when Arnold Hur goes into details about specific players. The other way the player first mentality is giving players chances that other organizations may not. This will be expanded upon down below. 

2. Bdosin 

Arnold Hur goes into what was the most controversial move that the Seoul Dynasty made in the offseason. He starts out explaining he always looks out for players who are aware of the rumors that surround them as well as their reputation. The biggest component was why a player was perceived that way. For Seoul Dynasty being a player first organization, they saw a player who wanted to join the team. It is clear that Gen G disagrees with his reputation and how fans view Bdosin. There is the motivation for Bdosin to prove to the world through his actions and gameplay that he understands that this is an amazing opportunity for him. 

The story continues into how Bdosin was picked up. Tiger Nation finds out that it wasn’t the scouting or coaching staff, but the players who called for Bdosin to join the team. “Every single one of our players ….[said] no you gotta bring this guy in” and Seoul respects the voices of the players enough to look into it. The testimonial was a strong part of getting Bdosin in, though Arnold made it clear that even though they are a player first organization the layers do not make the roster.  

3. Tobi 

tobi owl

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Tobi was called the in-game and out of game leader. He is a veteran player on the squad that is supporting his team. It was mentioned that he has ‘Big shoes to fill’ which might be a hint that Tobi will be the next captain? It seems as if Tobi is helping to facilitate teamwork on the Dynasty. He is doing a great job and though this might not be the role he expected to hold back in Season 2 he is stepping up and being the voice that the team needs. 

4. Underrated 

Michelle, Marve1, Fits and Illicit were mentioned to be highly underrated. These four players were with the Seoul Dynasty in Season 2. As the team didn’t place as high as they wanted many fans could look down on the cubs. They are easy to miss when looking over the whole League in DPS and Tanks, but they could surprise the fans this year. Arnold Hur mentioned the growth that has appeared from season to season now that these players know the format and expectations of the league. 

5. Profit and Gesture 

Photo: Seoul Dynasty

Grabbing Profit and Gesture was a unique opportunity to bring the best in the world onto the Seoul Dynasty. It was their way to create the next generation of the team through these two players. The organization believes in their scouting staff as well as coaching staff to help prepare these two to excel in the league in Season 3. Arnold Hur mentioned that it wasn’t a complicated decision for Gen G to bring these two onto the Seoul Dynasty. 

Honorable Mention: Creative

Gen G has been very active in supporting their tier 2 team. They believe that the best players must be developed young. The team being able to call up a tier 2 player onto the main roster is the best possible outcome in their mind. 


Seoul Dynasty opened up and cleared the air on their position on certain subjects as well as explain their actions going into Season 3. Though the Seoul Dynasty doesn’t play week 1, the tiger nation is anticipating seeing the team in action. If you would like to watch the whole Youtube video the link of it will be below. 

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