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Overwatch Seoul Dynasty

Top 5 Superlatives Teams for the Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Superlatives

What are the best teams that could be made out of all the different players that have comes through the Seoul Dynasty? There are many different iterations that could be made from these 26 players that are shown below. The players are placed in the last Season that they played in before departing. Here are the top 5 Seoul Dynasty Superlative teams throughout the history of the whole team.

The Loudest Team

It has to be started out with a fun team. Of the whole 26 members what six would make up the loudest team. It is already well known that Ryujehong could be heard screaming through walls and different floors on the League of Legends. Who would make up the team that could blow out the eardrums of all of their fans during a stream.kl

Of course Ryujehong has to be there. Some may have forgotten, but Zunba was always one to scream and slam his keyboard in many different situations. Miro would always scream in dismay or in excitement, though his volume may not reach the the levels that the others, his enthusiasm makes up the difference. To round it out will be some second generation Marvel, Munchkin and FITS. All three are prolific yellers heard in others streams or videos. This whole team could shatter glass and break anyone’s eardrums.

Nostalgia Team

Team #1: Esca, Tobi, Ryujehong, Miro, Gido, Zunba

Courtesy of OGN Korea – Lunatic Hai Apex Champions

Two nostalgia teams could be created from the Seoul Dynasty that were from iconic rosters originally. There is the classic Lunatic-Hai. This is the Esca and Gido DPS duo. Yes, the Overwatch League is used to Flex Support Gido, but going back to the creation of this team it was the MVP DPS performance during APEX that put Gido on the map. The Season 2 APEX to Season 1 of the Overwatch League tank duo of Zunba and Miro. There is no words needed to explain having tobi and Ryujehong as the support core.

Team #2: Fissure, Gambler, Bdosin, Profit, Gesture, Fleta

Though there isn’t a complete roster like Lunatic-Hai, the Seoul Dynasty has had many classic APEX players come through their team. Of course, there is the GC Busan boys. Bdosin, Profit, and Gesture make up half of the Season 4 APEX winning team as well as the inaugural season of the Overwatch League’s Gand Champions. To fill out the gaps there is Fissure who is in his own right a legendary tank from Kongdoo Panthera. Gambler was a part of the LW group that wasn’t picked up with the rest of the team to go to the NYXL. Fleta was on the infamous Flash Lux, where the Fleta deadlift was coined.

The GOAT Team

What iteration of the team would be the God of all Time? The DPS was the easiest to pick. To think of a team in which Profit, Fleta and FITS are all together who are all flex kings would be amazing. Though their hero pools are all overlapping, there is nothing that they couldn’t play. The tanks were harder. Marvel and and Toyou were picked for their potential and their ability to be flexible in comps. Creative has so much potential that was shown in the playoff run. There is only time for Creative to grow and get better as time passes. Tobi has not been able to be replaced throughout all three seasons. He is the Seoul Dynasty’s GOAT. If this was talking about all players at their peak form this starting six would be much different, but this is their current skill level. This would be interesting to see how Fleta would integrate into the current roster.

The Boy Band Team

The joke that the Tiger Nation has had was with all the photoshoots that the players have done it looks as if they are a part of a boy band. What would be the team that would be most likely to burst out into song. There are a few new names on this list from previously above. The APEX players have a leg up on the competition through the karaoke exposure. Tobi, Ryujehong and Miro all highlighted their musical skills during APEX. Wekeed has done multiple singing streams on Twitch were it is karaoke style. FITS is a well known singer as he plays Overwatch. Gesture in the Comms Check showed off his mic check and rapping skills. Not only would this band be chaotic but they all have practice screaming those high notes in game.

Seoul Superlatives

There has been so many personalities to come through the Seoul Dynasty. Though some of these ‘teams’ are not purely Overwatch related, most would agree that it fits their brand. Is there an obvious Seoul Dynasty Superlative team that was forgotten? A close #6 was the Seoul Dynasty team that could eat the restaurant out of food, but that is for another time.


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