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Top 5 Seoul Dynasty Merch Tiger Nation Wants to See

The Overwatch League have lifted their restrictions on the Overwatch League teams in creating and selling their own merch. Before this process was regulated by the League and it was all distributed in a central location of intotheam or Fantics. In this offseason, fans have been seeing teams such as the Florida Mayhem open their own shops. This is an exciting turn, as there have been a lot of criticisms with the Overwatch League regulated merch in the past. Gen.G, the parent company of the Seoul Dynasty, have had a merch store for a long while and carefully treaded that line between organization merch and team merch. With the Gen.G merch being such high quality, Tiger Nation is excited about what they pull out for their Overwatch League team. Here are five items that Tiger Nation would love to see this coming season.


The fans have been asking about the down jackets since seasons ago when the Dynasty staff and players were seen with long purple coats. It seems, according to the new team picture that was posted, that the purple is gone and there are now black down jackets. Why not have merch that fans can rep the team even in the coldest of weather to go along with the scarves that were previously sold? This wouldn’t even need to be newly designed but more of a mass production/selling of the merch that was already created. From the picture, it seems like it is a subtle homage to the team so that the jacket would be easily wearable in any situation, and not just esport events.

Seoul Merch

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty


Gen.G has a partnership with Puma. This was already highlighted with the League of Legends jersey that was created for worlds. It would be amazing if they could do a Seoul Dynasty inspired shoe design. They could also have limited-edition versions that would have a certain player’s number on it and their name other than just the basic Seoul Dynasty shoe. The Dynasty in the past have shown interest in the shoe game with the StockX collaboration in Season 2. Not only have the Dynasty done collaborations with fashion brands and magazines in the past, but Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong is known for his like of brand name items which could also highlight the players’ personalities.


The community are gamers. There are many who play Overwatch on the console, but as the Overwatch League plays on the PC to have keycaps that repped the team would be a huge ticket item. Already there are computer setups that fans make that are all around a certain team. The Dynasty wouldn’t be the first team to capitalize on these as a couple already has seen the value in team keycaps. Jay Gist made a mock-up of what the keycaps could possibly look like (check out his Twitter @CFD_Jay for more of his OWL keycap designs). The Korean and English letters on the keycaps are a nice touch to show but the NA and KR fans. This could also easily be replicated into a Gen.G keycap set as they also share the same colors as the Seoul Dynasty team.


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This is a crossover from what the Kpop community has. Lightsticks are a big part of that community and shows a togetherness of the fans in supporting their group. It was seen in the APEX days of fans holding up lighted signs or scrolling messages on their cellphones. There are so many awesome designs that could be made for the Seoul Dynasty’s concept and colors. Those who are not familiar with Kpop might not know of the ‘oceans’ that will light up arenas of the group’s colors, but at the homestands, this could be a great piece of merch for the fans to show their strength in the stands. It isn’t hard to imagine DDP before the first map with the fans with their light sticks all in sync waving their light sticks to the 하나 둘 셋서울 다이너스티 화이팅 (1,2,3 Seoul Dynasty Fighting)!


When the plush keychains were briefly shown on a Seoul Dynasty video, the fans went nuts for them. There was never a mass selling of these, but places in Korea where they were sold. With the rise in Youtooz of statues of well-known content creators and plushes; this has shown that there’s still a large majority of the community who want and would buy such mech. A plush of the tiger logo or plush of a tiger with a Seoul Dynasty jersey on would be a nice touch. Even making these plush keychains available internationally would be nice for fans.

Seoul Dynasty Merch

There are high expectations on what merch the Seoul Dynasty is going to be putting out this year. There are no longer restrictions to hold them back. The quality and designs of Gen.G merch gives even more hype to the prospective items that might be sold this season for the Dynasty. Hopefully, Tiger Nation won’t have to wait too long to see what all their money will be going towards to support their favorite team.

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