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Tobi Q and A Twitch Stream Summary

When Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang was announced as the head coach of the Seoul Dynasty, he hopped onto Twitch for an impromptu stream. During the stream, he answered many questions that appeared in chat. Here is a breakdown of some of the most interesting answers.

Coaching Related Questions

Signing as the Head Coach

The majority of the questions asked during the stream were related to the Seoul Dynasty. The community got to see a ‘behind the scenes’ of his signing as well as how he felt about the new position. Tobi had talked to 5 teams in the off-season for a coaching role. The Dynasty was the first team to contact him. He hadn’t expected head coach offers his first year looking to be a coach. Seoul was his first choice of where he wanted to go as a coach. At first, he refused the head coach offer and asked to be an assistant coach. It was because of the faith that the other coaches had in him that he decided to accept the offer.

Q and A

Courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty

When it came to the players that were signed, he himself was signed ‘later’ so he didn’t have a say in them. Though he mentioned that the signings did reflect the coaches’ thoughts. He did know about the signings such as Jjonak and Smurf. The roster is so good this year that this is an increased burden as he wants the team to do well. One of Tobi’s biggest worries is that a players’ lifespan as a pro is short and he doesn’t want to ruin a season for the players.

He ultimately wants the players to concentrate only on their gameplay and to foster a comfortable environment for them. That is one reason why he is itching to meet the team in person so he can start talking with them. When asked about the roster he didn’t have much to say but did leave the door open to say that it might not be finalized.


Tobi talked a lot about the pressure that he has been feeling. Since the leak, he has been watching the different social media networks such as Twitter, Reddit, and IVEN for reactions to the news. He acknowledge that he felt a lot of what was being said and that it was talked over at the company. In the end, he is going to try his best to be helpful to the players. One of his goals is to be acknowledged by the players as a good coach. As he hasn’t officially coached yet he doesn’t have a coaching style. That is something that will develop as he starts coaching. In his eyes, the toughest, as of now, of the APAC teams is the Chengdu Hunters and the Shanghai Dragons. Though it is a new game for Season 5 and in a new game, anything can happen.


Some other honorable mentions are that he doesn’t have any ‘homework’ for the players in mind. He found it to be stressful at times to have scheduled streams. He as a coach doesn’t want to force it unless it is needed by the sponsors. Many players both current and old stopped by in the stream. Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi, Myeonghwan ‘Smurf’ Yoo, and Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park stopped in for a while as well as some other non-tiger players such as Jaewon ‘LIP’ Lee.

Question and Answer Session

After the Q and A, it is easy to tell that Tobi is nervous about this new task in front of him. Yes, he wants to make a good debut as a coach but his focus is really on the players and not wanting to let them down. There is always a learning curve, but hopefully, he is able to find his coaching groove in the off-season. He faces a lot of challenges from new players, Overwatch 2 is a new game that comes with new hero abilities and maps, that will throw the meta into new places with 5v5. But despite that, there was a  spark of excitement that went along with the nerves. As he introduced himself for the first time as the Seoul Dynasty’s head coach he had to turn off his camera to hide his slight embarrassment and giddy energy. Tiger Nation wishes him all the best and can’t express how happy that Tobi is back home.

If you want to watch the VOD yourself here is the link. There was much content that wasn’t covered in this article, so feel free to check it out to get all of what he shared. Though take note it is in all Korean.

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