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The Transition to Coaches in Overwatch

The transition has started. Both Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong and Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang have announced that they are looking for team (LFT) for the Overwatch League, not as players but as coaches. First-generation players are getting to an age in which they feel like their abilities would best be suited in the coaching role instead of being a player.

The Move Away

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A part of the gaming community is that the younger players are heralded as the future of the game. This is true. They, generally, speaking might have faster reaction skills as well as generally a longer life span within the game before they retire.

Both Tobi and Miro have many accolades as players that can translate over through their experience. Miro has already made that transition being the coach of GC Busan TDI, previously known as team Diamond. Meanwhile, Tobi has been in the older brother position on the team where he has been supporting the younger players for quite a while. Both know what it takes to succeed as an esport professional player.

Possible Locations

Both Tobi and Miro are mostly Korean speakers. They both know some English but not enough to make it on an all NA teams. That alone will limit their options. Then again the Chinese player-composed teams also are out.  The best would be an assistant coach position to garner more lines on their resume in the coaching position. A position within the NYXL, the Philadelphia Fusion, or the Seoul Dynasty would be ideal. Another option for Tobi and Miro would be Toronto Defiant. The current head coach is KDG who was a coach for the Seoul Dynasty previously. This could be a good way that either of the new Overwatch League coaches could learn more under a familiar face.

Players to Coaches

With the new era of Overwatch 2 on the horizon many players might make the move to coach such as Miro and Tobi did. Though these two are well known and respected by the players it is the organizations and teams that need to find value in these two individuals’ skills. Hopefully, the community can see these two in the new role of coach in Season 5.

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