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The Seoul Dynasty APAC Playoff: A Fork in the Road

With the loss to the Hangzhou Spark in the regular season, Seoul Dynasty was placed 5th overall in the APAC region. That means that after the Chengdu Hunters and the London Spitfire play, it is then up to the NYXL to pick their opponent. They can either pick the winner from the previous match or the Dynasty. Whoever the NYXL doesn’t pick then has to play the Hangzhou Spark. The Dynasty’s fate is not in their hands in a way, as they are at the mercy of the NYXL.

The path to get farther into the playoffs are split into two options. Which is the most beneficial to the Tiger Nation? That is the biggest question on the minds of the fans of the Seoul Dynasty.

seoul dynasty playoff apac
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The last encounter between these two teams doesn’t tell the whole story. The 3-0 victory might give a false sense of security, but during that match up many of the normal starting line up was missing for the NYXL. There is also a history with the NYXL that they do not like to play all out leading up to the playoffs.

There is a good chance that the NYXL will want to pick the Seoul Dynasty. Not for the fact that they are weaker, but the NYXL will know what to prepare for during the week off. If the NYXL decides to pick the winner of the London and Chengdu game then they need to prepare for two teams instead of just the Dynasty. In the monthly tournaments the NYXL also picked the team they had just recently lost to for revenge. There is a good chance that the Seoul Dynasty will be facing their Season 1 rivals.

The Hangzhou Spark

The Hangzhou Spark seem to be a brick wall to the Seoul Dynasty. No doubt the Spark is hoping to face the Dynasty in which they have won many times this season. It would also be poetic as the Spark knocked the Dynasty out in Season 2 playoffs. There seems to be something that gets into the mental of the Dynasty when they face the Spark. It isn’t that the Spark aren’t a good team, but they are not the best in the region. Seoul has run competitive games against the Dragons and Charge.

No doubt that in the playoff format, the Hangzhou Spark could wiggle their way into the minds of the Seoul players. Therefore it might be best for the team if they don’t face the Spark in the playoff setting.

Seoul Dynasty

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty SNS

The disadvantage is definitely on Seoul who has no clue who they will be playing. They need to prepare for both teams in case either of the teams pick them. If it is the NYXL that picks them, then the Excelsior has the advantage to prepare solely on them while they are splitting their attention.

What do they need to do to win

There were times in the past Countdown Cup that the Dynasty would lose fights because they were almost at ults. That greedy peak would get their heads taken off, which would delay the ult charge. The way the Dynasty plays seems to be emotional. This is highlighted in the fact it has been so long that fans can barley remember the last time they have reverse swept a team. While on the flip side they have been reverse swept multiple times this season. As cheesy as it sounds, it is in the fate of the players. When Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park, Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong and Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim are on it shows in the results. But if one of them are having an off day then it is a rough match for the Tiger Nation. Consistency is a big issue not just match to match but map to map within a match up.

FITS many times has the EMP advantage over the opposing Sombra but the communication needs to be on point. There have been throw away EMPS where the targeting and focus fire was all over the place, meaning the follow up was lacking. Seoul needs to have all the stars align and play their hearts out for each map. The team has the potential and just needs to live up to it. This has been a rough season for the Seoul Dynasty. The players have a fire burning in them to prove to the fans, community and themselves that they can get far in the playoffs no matter who they play first.

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