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The Journey of FITS

Dongeun ‘FITS’ Kim was first announced by the classic leak. This wasn’t from a community leaker, but watchpoint Overwatch League who accidentally leaked the roster of the Seoul Dynasty. He was a young player that was mostly stuck in the shadows of Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim. Many were confused by why the Dynasty would pick up FITS when they had such a good DPS duo of Fleta and Sangbeom ‘Munchkin’ Byeon.

The Start

There had been a rumor of FITS joining Seoul when people said that they saw him at Gen.G with the other players. FITS came from Goin Water S, which housed names such as DDongha ‘Doha’ Kim and Seonchang ‘ANS’ Lee who are now known names within the Overwatch League. This was not a well-known team, unlike Runaway or O2, as they were a Contender’s trial team. For those who kept track of the Korean contender trial’s scene, he was a promising talent in Season 3. He leap-frogged over the contenders and went straight to the Overwatch League. His projectile prowess caught the attention of quite a few, and though the NA community might not have known it was a big pick up.

During this season the Seoul Dynasty did have a full roster of 12. Before the San Fransico Shock or other teams started rotating their players the Dynasty was known to do so depending on the map, play style, and opponents. FITS could be seen on Zarya or some of his favorite projectile heroes such as Doomfist and Genji. Many times he would be the sub in for Fleta, which put a lot of weight on his shoulders coming in for a fan favorite and future MVP. Criticism would be seen and the ever-present ‘where is Fleta’ or ‘Fleta would have done X’ could be seen in chat, social media, and Reddit.

FITS persevered. He may have not always started but through his streams and the Seoul Dynasty content his personality shown through. In many cases, it was his singing and boisterous duos with his teammates. He was funny and lovable, which caught the attention of tiger nation community.

Season 3

It wasn’t until Season 3 that FITS really started to shine. The rumor was that FITS had been destroying in scrims during the off-season. That was off-put with fans of Seoul mourning the loss of Fleta to the Shanghai Dragons. Though FITS had played a little bit at the end of Season 2, he wasn’t the best-known player on the team.

FITS got to really show off why he was deserving of the spot on the team in Season 3. He was able to highlight how flexible he was when hero pools came out. Yes, he was known for projectile heroes, but his McCree and Widow showed he was no slouch on hitscan heroes. If anything the Dynasty’s journey to the Grand Finals cemented how good he was as a player. His name was overlooked many times in favor of a Profit or a Fleta, but he was slowly making a name for himself. Against teams like the Shock and a renowned Widow like ANS, he was still able to make a statement.

At the end of Season 3, he was up for contract negotiations with the team. It was a relief to see that he was announced pretty early on that he would be staying a tiger a little while longer.


FITS has come a long way within the Seoul Dynasty. He first arrived in Season 2. He is a tiger, a Seoul Dynasty veteran. It is hard to believe that he was a newbie just a few seasons ago. Still, with all the original members gone from the team, it is really himself and Marve1 who holds the title of being a part of the Dynasty the longest. As this season goes on it is easy to see what the Gen.G coaches must have seen years ago, the immense potential that FITS holds. As his confidence comes out, so does his performance. Even now with his new DPS partner, the legendary Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park he is able to hold his own and put up even bigger numbers that are impressive in itself. He is putting up huge numbers and is crushing the maps. FITS shows the value of investing in players to help support and grow them. Keep an eye out for FITS in the remainder of Season 4. He truly has MVP potential.

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