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The Interesting Dynamic of Saebyeolbe

The addition of Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park into the Season 4 Seoul Dynasty roster has some interesting potential wave effects. He was a massive pick up for the team. But there are many parts of Saebyeolbe as a pro player that are already within the Dynasty. That brings into question, how will he impact the team dynamics? He brings a vibrant past with him but also a bright future within the Dynasty, but it isn’t all just automatic as there are formality and conversations that need to happen so that the transition is smooth. Here are three aspects that Saebyeolbe’s addition to the team impacts.


Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

Saebyeolbe is one of the most well-known captains within the Overwatch League. He was the fearless leader of the NYXL for three seasons and is respected by most inside and outside of the team. This time around he is going to be a team member within Seoul as it is Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Park who is the captain of the Seoul Dynasty as of last season.

Saebyeolbe’s leadership style is very reminiscent of the Dynasty’s original captain Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu. The neighborhood fool older brother who jokes around with the younger boys. A memorable moment was when Saebyeolbe reached over and held the hand of Yeonoh ‘Fl0w3r’ Hwang, and that highlights his leadership style. It will be interesting to see how the leadership dynamic will work with two eternal captains within Gesture and Saebyeolbe.


Tracer is synonymous with Saebyeolbe. Except the Seoul Dynasty has another player who is considered a Tracer legend as well, which is Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park. Both of the DPS could be seen as a Tracer, Widow, Ashe, McCree, and Soldier player. If there is ever a double hit scan the Seoul Dynasty will be ready to face that head on. It does give a lot of opportunities for Profit to flex more onto the Genji so that he has a Tracer to pair up with. Previously Profit was the only Genji and Tracer player on the squad. If the meta calls for a Tracer, will it come down to the play style, the secondary DPS role, who they are playing against, map type, or all of the above. It will be interesting how they will slot Saebyeolbe into the DPS line up as Profit has been a solid DPS for the Dynasty in Season 3.

Veteran Player

OWWC Pressures
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

When it comes to time within the Overwatch community, Saebyeolbe is a veteran. He has played in many APEX tournaments, been a part of the Overwatch World Cup, and the captain of the NYXL for 3 seasons. He has a lot of experience to bring to the team. Taesung ‘Anamo’ Jung and himself are the newest members of the Team. That makes them the maknae-dul (막내들), which translates to the youngest, of the team. But he is age-wise the oldest. That means the other teammates would call him ‘hyung’ (a term of familiarity that translates to older brother for males).

In Korean society age and hierarchy is very important. In Season Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang was technically older than their coach Hyeongseok ‘Wizardhyeong’ Kim. The hierarchy made it so Tobi was below Wizardhyeong job title wise, but higher than Wizardhyeong age and length of time with the organization. It is a tricky situation when multiple aspects are conflicting. In this sense with Saebyeolbe, he is coming in with the least amount of time in Seoul, but has more experience and is also the oldest. How and where will Saebyeolbe fit into the Seoul Dynasty family. He has already farted on Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang as an olive branch of friendship. So it seems like the team is figuring out how him and Anamo will fit in.


To have Saebyeolbe on the Seoul Dynasty is a big pick up. Whatever role that he falls into he will be effective in helping the team get better. Tiger Nation is holding their breathe until the day that Saebyeolbe and Profit will dps duo as Tracer and Genji in the Overwatch League. No doubt Saebyeolbe will continue the chaotic energy legacy that Ryujehong, Joonhyuk’ Zunba’ Kim, and Chanhyung ‘Fissure’ Baek started in previous seasons.

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