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The Impact of The Philadelphia Fusion on Seoul

Season 4 has new teams added into the APAC region. That means there are more opportunities for match-ups that the fans will get to see. Of all the teams that are going to be in the APAC region, the most interesting team to the Seoul Dynasty are the Philadelphia Fusion. Here is a look at why these two teams could make up a major rivalry in the upcoming season.

Company Rivalry

T1 is a legendary organization in the Korean esport scene. Many know of the organization because Sanghyeok ‘Faker’ Lee is a part of the T1 empire. Gen.G in comparison are a newer esport organization that stemmed from T1 rival Samsung Galaxy but has made its mark on the community. T1 in a joint venture with Comcast Spectacor became a global esport organization in 2019. That meant that they would have operations in both NA and South Korea. This became a battleground as Gen.G is also a company that has teams in both regions as well and in similar esports.

The rivalry between the two parent organizations of T1 and Gen.G has been brewing in other esports such as Valorant and League of Legends. Recently it was the Gen.G though that stopped T1 from qualifying for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. It wasn’t just beating T1, but Gen.G swept. It was a momentous moment for the organization.

Overwatch League

The Seoul Dynasty versus the Philadelphia Fusion. This was a highly anticipated match during the loser’s semi-finals of Season 4.  It was not the way many people thought the Fusion, who had flown from NA and quarantined to be a part of this event would go out winless. This was one of the only interactions these two teams had in Season 3. That will all change in the coming months.

Seoul vs Fusion

The Fusion has been a staple in the Overwatch League as the team that almost had it all, but each year fell a little short. In Season 3 the Philadelphia Fusion was one of the quintessential North American teams. It was always the San Francisco Shock and the Fusion that were put together as the top two NA teams. With the Fusion moving to APAC, that changes the dynamics of both regions.

It makes sense the Fusion would be a team to go over to APAC, because of T1 they would have easy access and an already built facility for the team to practice in. That will give the team a level playing field, unlike the NYXL who last season played without a communal practice room for a good part of the season.

The Seoul Dynasty is made out of all Korean players, while the Fusion is a hybrid of Korean and English speaking. One of their most well-known players is Jaehyeok ‘Carpe’ Lee who is Korean. This will give the Korean players on the Fusion a comfort that NA may not have affronted them.

To have the two Overwatch League teams to be in the same region will many opportunities for these two to strengthen the tensions that the parent companies have.

Trash Talk?

The Fusion team being primarily NA has had some spicy trash talk in the past on social media. That is not something that APAC has participated in, as they are all quite positive towards each other on social media. It will be interesting to see how the integration of a very NA cultured team within the APAC team will change the ecosystem.

Will this turn the Fusion into the ‘bad’ guy of the region. If that is so how will that impact the interactions between them and the Seoul Dynasty. Will this turn the APAC region into more the trash-talking community like NA or will they stick to the message of positivity and make the Fusion tone down their spice?

The fans are a big part that fuels that trash talk when it comes to the interactions on the posts. With the Fusion being in the APAC region, and therefore at harder times for NA fans to watch will that also be a variable in how much trash talk gets said?

Player Crossover

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Along with the historical motivation, there is also the fact of three of the staple NYXL team members are within these two teams. Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park, Taesung ‘Anamo’ Jung, and Donggyu ‘Mano’ Kim. When it comes to old teammates the things that they know everything. Their player ticks, favorite places to hold, and even play-style. That can give each team an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The first time these two teams face-off will be a real clash not just of the Dynasty and the Fusion but also the NYXL.


There is no way that the Fusion will lay down to be stomped on. They will want revenge for how they went out in Season 4. The integration of a NA team into the APAC region is going to cause a stir. How will the Dynasty react to this new foe?

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