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Summer Showdown Seoul Dynasty Edition

History repeats itself. On Sunday June 28th the APAC region picked their bracket opponents for the Summer Showdown. The Seoul Dynasty were not in last place like they were in the May Melee, but the second and third-ranked teams did not want to face them in the knock out brackets. The Guangzhou Charge might have been wary as it was the Dynasty who knocked them out last tournament. The NYXL handily beat Seoul early this tournament rotation but decided to reface the Hangzhou Spark. It was the London Spitfire who were stuck facing the Seoul Dynasty in the first match of the Summer Showdown.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

London Spitfire (6/4): 2-2 (Record for the Summer Showdown)

The London Spitfire were one of the teams that the Dynasty did not face during the three weeks leading up to the Summer Showdown. Though the Shanghai Dragons have the oldest notably active Seoul Dynasty player in Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim, the London Spitfire have some noticeable names that Tiger Nation will recognize. Gen. G with their contenders’ team as well as three academy teams (T3) have a large pool of developing talent. The London Spitfire drew from it and grabbed Gilseong ‘Glister’ Lim, Kyumin ‘Sanguinar’ Lim, Sunghyeok ‘Highly’ Lee, Taehoon ‘Fuze’ Kim (though he was already departed from Gen. G by the time he was picked up), and Hyunwook ‘ALTHOUGH’ Jung for Season 3.

It seems whoever wins, it will be a Gen. G victory of sorts. The crossover between the two teams are uncanny, and this match is more about the two directions that teams can go in the Overwatch League; rookies or the old guard proven talent.

How to win?

Courtesy of London Spitfire Twitter

These two teams have yet to meet up during Season 3. There is no past data to use to help with the prediction. The Seoul Dynasty are not the most consistent team in the APAC region. Meanwhile, the London Spitfire are starting to show the potential that comes with signing a rookie team.

The Seoul Dynasty need to shut down the DPS of the London Spitfire by punishing their aggressive positioning. This was seen in Week 21 when the London Spitfire went up against the Hangzhou Spark. Minho ‘Architect’ Park and Kyeongbo ‘Godsb’ Kim are world-class DPS that are veterans in the scene. The London DPS were able to out mechanic and position the Spark DPS.

The aggressive positioning could come from London being a team with many rookie players. When the players feel confident they overextend and that opens them up to punishment from their opponents. If the Seoul Dynasty can use their experience to keep a level head as well as keep the coordination then they can make the DPS of London timider, as Godsb was able to do on Rialto.

Highly was able to snatch the POTM in their last match, as his Baptist went crazy shutting down multiple players, which secured a couple of maps for them. Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang has played with the younger players and might have some inside knowledge of his quirks, but the team, in general, will want to keep an eye out on where Highly is positioned.

Prediction: 3:2 Seoul Dynasty 

Can lightening strike the same spot twice? Years are shaved off the Seoul Dynasty’s fans’ lives whenever they play. When it comes to clutch moments it seems as if the Dynasty show up. The young guns will be aiming to topple down the Dynasty. Both teams have similar map stats when it comes to map type, but there are a few maps within each that are outstanding for each team. Being able to take maps off of the map pick of the opponent will be huge in this coming map.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Player To watch: Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang?

The player to watch is more to see who the Seoul Dynasty is going to put in. Marve1 since the debut of Sigma has been one of the best, even making a smurf account called Sigmaking. Though he was a main tank for most of Season 2, taking over for Chanhyung ‘Fissure’ Baek, he has moved into the off tank position next to Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong this current season. When it comes to double main tank or double shield Marve1 is the most appropriate player to be in. He can play D.Va and Zarya at a passable level, but nowhere near Michelle’s proficiency.

In Seoul’s last match against the Chengdu Hunters it was Michelle that came in to play alongside Gesture. He showed that he could play Sigma as well, though not as skillful as Marve1, but his Zarya and Hog shows why he could be put in over Marve1. This needs to be mentioned that Michelle did play against the Hunters who were tied in last place with them. He has not been tested against tougher opponents like Marve1 has.

Who will Seoul bench and who will play? That decision could really influence the balance of the match, as Sewon ‘Bernar’ Shin has been showing in his matches a really strong Sigma in his own right.

Seoul Dynasty in the Summer Showdown

If the Dynasty does defeat the London Spitfire they have to, like the last tournament, have to face the number one ranked team in the Shanghai Dragons before moving towards the final.

Extra incentive to win is that the Seoul Dynasty has some memorable old London Spitfire staff. It is not just Profit, Bdosin, and Gesture, but also the head coach of Changgoon used to be a part of C9. On Dorado Profit showed so spicy earlier this season with London and Seoul sprays and voice lines. Not only will the players want to win for the tournament results, but also proof that they are respected and still skillful players.

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