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SNS the Oracle of the Seoul Dynasty?

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The Seoul Dynasty members from the inception have never been a big team when it comes to player social media (SNS). It is unclear whether this is an organization culture aspect or if the players they pick to be on the team in general are not big SNS users.

This is a blessing and curse for the fans. It is a curse as there is less content for fans to interact with and see. But it is more of a blessing as there is never a time that the Tiger Nation needs to worry about the eagle eye of the netizens. There has been no social media blunders on the players part and their feeds on twitter are mostly GGs or on Instagram food pictures or selfies. This means when the players do update their social media that is a big sign of something is brewing. SNS seems to be one of the best predictors for the off-season for the Seoul Dynasty players.


With 5 players confirmed for Season 4 along with the past history of how the off seasons have gone, there is a lot of proof for the players social media indicating what their future is going to be. When the Seoul Dynasty change their Twitter headers and bio’s that is a major indicator that something is up.

Seoul SNS

To have players who aren’t on SNS much suddenly changing and editing their profiles to not include any aspect of Seoul Dynasty is big. The argument could be made that all potential FA could make this move. It wasn’t seen in Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim or Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang’s SNS as they kept all of the Seoul Dynasty headers/logos/tags. Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi even took down the Seoul Dynasty header on his Twitch channel. Across Twitter, Twitch, KKT, and Instagram the removal shows danger of these players potentially not returning.

The only exception would be Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang who last off-season removed all Seoul Dynasty content from his SNS to only return for Season 4. Other wise throughout all 3 seasons the social media changes for the Seoul Dynasty players have a good track record in predicting whether the player returns or not the next season.


The Seoul Dynasty seemingly has also been giving away clues, though not as direct as the players, when it comes to the re-signings.  This is only a small subsection of players whose birthdays fall within the off season. Like all organizations the team will put out a happy birthday message for those players.

It does seem that if a player is going to be re-signed the Seoul Dynasty will release a happy birthday message. This is seen when during this off-season when the Seoul Dynasty posted a happy birthday message for Marvel. This was before the announcement dropped before the team announced that he would be returning. That birthday announcement was an indicator for many fans that Marve1 would be returning.

Previous Seasons

This all comes off of Joonhyuk ‘Zunba’ Kim. In the Season 2 off-season, the Seoul Dynasty did not post a birthday for Zunba’s birthday on Oct 29th. Fans saw this as a worrying sign that Zunba may not be returning. When the announcement came out later that off-season that he would be departing the team, it made sense why the Dynasty did not post for his birthday.

Other Teams:

This is unlike other teams who still do post for their players. An example of this is the LA Gladiators who posted a birthday message for their main tank one day before posting that he would be leaving the team. This maybe just a coincidence with the Seoul Dynasty birthday posts during the off-season, but for now it is pretty accurate.

It is important to mention that all the players will be on the general social media content until the end. This is a very specific niche. Players in the past such as Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong was streaming on the team twitch channel days before his retirement announcement.

SNS Predictor

SNS has been the best friend of the Tiger Nation in the off-season. It gives the community a small chance to mentally prepare before the official announcement. Whether it comes from the players themselves or the team, the Tiger Nation will take any scraps to try and predict which players will be returning or not the next season. Only time will tell to see whether or not these predictors are true or not.


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