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Seoul Dynasty’s Next Step in the Playoffs

Seoul Playoff

Every team has that defining moment in the season. For the Dynasty, as of right now, it is the reverse sweep in the May Melee against the Shanghai Dragons. The Seoul Dynasty has had multiple run ins with the top team of the APAC region. Though the scorelines don’t always reflect it, the matches have been getting closer and closer. Is this the moment that the Dynasty will go over the mountain and attain the second victory against the Shanghai Dragons during the APAC playoffs?

The Shanghai Dragons: 

Seoul Playoffs
Courtesy of Bilibili and Blizzard Entertainment

The choice was in the hands of the Shanghai Dragons last weekend when they got to decide which team they wanted to face in the quarterfinals. It was a choice between the NYXL or the Seoul Dynasty. In a previous winning interview with Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park, he mentioned that he really wanted to face off against the Dragon’s DPS again. But it was the NYXL that the Dragons decided to face in the next round, which then automatically put the Guangzhou Charge to face the Seoul Dynasty. It was odd as the Dynasty was the lower ranked team, but was not picked to go up against. Is this a small light that maybe the Dragons are tentative about facing the Dynasty?

What do the Seoul Dynasty need to do to win?

The Seoul Dynasty need to mimic what the NYXL did on their successful maps against the Dragons. Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park did a good job pressuring the Dragon’s back-line that then forced positioning. This opened up opportunities for the NYXL to get pick-offs.

In the last matches Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong overextends through aggressive positioning that then opens themselves up. These small mistakes didn’t have any major repercussions against the Hangzhou Spark or Guangzhou Charge, but there is no doubt that the Dragons will pounce on any moments of weakness and capitalize on it.


In the winning interview Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang talked about how he thought it was going to be difficult for the Dragons to prepare for them as he is going to flex onto many different heroes. Profit’s interview mentioned that their cohesion as a team was worked on as all the players mechanically are good. This is something that the Dragons have had down for ages now.

Seoul Dynasty 3-1-2

Though it seems as if the Dynasty has downloaded the Meta first, the Dragons are known for mastering compositions fast and having good adaptions as well as a strong mental. This isn’t going to be a 3-0 easy victory for the Dynasty, but this is almost their moment to shine. It wouldn’t be a shock if there was a draw on 2CP as Volskaya seems to be the 2CP of choice in APAC. This match could go the whole distance.

Player to Watch: Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty Instagram

The community has not seen much of the maknae this season other than once or twice before the playoffs. Creative, a support player that came from the Gen.G contenders team has shown up for finals. He has not been playing any different heroes than Seungtae ‘Bdosin’ Choi. Creative’s sleep darts and Ana plays has set up many team wins. If Creative continues to pop off he will be able to keep Gesture up and live to peel and tank hits for their snipers.

Seoul Dynasty’s Next Step in the Playoffs

The Seoul Dynasty could have to play another match which will be determined off of these results, either moving on or dropping down to the lower bracket. Either way the Seoul Dynasty will want to beat the Dragons not only for their own gratification but because they would move on to the top 4 of the Overwatch League Season 3 finals.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


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