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Seoul Dynasty’s Merch Store

The Seoul Dynasty just tweeted out on March 12th their Seoul Dynasty merch store. It was tweeted out in Korean and there was a comment underneath with the English version. For now, there is shipping only for South Korea. When looking at the store it is a part of the Gen.G store where there is the merchandise for the other Gen.G teams. Here are the items and how non-Korean Residental fans can get their hands on the merch.

How to buy?

Tiger Nation may want to grab some of the merch that is not yet available. No doubt, it will be open to fans outside of Korea sometime this season. If there is such hype that the merch is needed now, Koreabuddy is a great website. They will buy for you and send the merch to where you live for a price. Currently, they are taking a break in March but will be taking orders again at the beginning of March.

If one knows of someone living in Korea they can easily buy it as the website is synced up with Naver Pay as well as KKT.

Store Items

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty

For now, the online store only has a small selection of goods. There are the Season 3 jerseys that the fans know and love. A face mask that is different from the ones that the Overwatch League was selling as well as at-shirt and hoodie. There are also slides that are very popular in Korea and customized with the Seoul Dynasty logo. They have added two phone cases. A generic team case and then a case that looks like the jersey can also be personalized. They have many different selections of phone cases available. Finally, a new metallic sticker with the logo and the team name.

The prices are reasonable (you can convert it to about 1,000 won to 1 USD for a general idea). The jerseys are about the same price and the phone cases, slides, face mask, and sticker are all under 20 dollars/20,000 won.

Merch Store

Hopefully, a store for international fans will be put up later in the season. For now, it is nice to know that the Dynasty does have their store up, as many other teams already have announced theirs. It is a good sign that the merch is reasonable and they have up not just the jerseys, but some other newer items as well.

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