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Seoul Dynasty: Week 8 Preview

This is an essential week for the Seoul Dynasty. With last week going 1 and 1, another 1 and 1 weekend makes it doubtful that they would get into the top 4 for the June Joust. Though in the May Melee the last two matches were relatively easy, that is not the case in this tournament. The Seoul Dynasty is going to have to face up against the Chengdu Hunters as well as the Guangzhou Charge.

Chengdu Hunters : 

Chengdu Released BACONJACK Ating
2019-04-06 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Chengdu Hunters went from a meme in the Overwatch community to one of the stronger teams in the APAC region. When the Seoul Dynasty faced up against the Hunters this season during the May Melee they were defeated. It could be said with the comp that the Dynasty is running, with the Hog, that they are treading in the Chengdu waters with off-meta strategies.

Prediction: 3:1 Hunters

The Hunters are a powerhouse and beat the Philadelphia Fusion in the first week of the June Joust. It was double shield that the Hunters seemed to favor. It is possible that the Dynasty could win the escort map from under the nose of Chengdu. The Hunters thrive in chaos. On the other hand, the Dynasty does not do as well to be thrown into the unknowns. They are a more practiced team that goes by what was strategized beforehand. There is a good possibility that the Hunters will overwhelm Seoul.

If Seoul wants a chance at winning they are going to need to win the individual matchups. All the players are going to have to be on their best and mechanically outplay the Hunters. Even better if Seoul can force bad rotations. Though with the comp that they were running last week, it was them that had to make the rotations work so the tanks could get in position.

Player to Watch: Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim

FITS has been on fire. He has out DPS-ed one of the top DPS’ in the Overwatch League in his partner in crime of Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park. He has been a huge determining factor in turning the matches that seem like an uphill battle for Seoul. FITS is a very emotional player, so when he is hot he is hot and when he is not it is an issue. With this hot stream of FITS, if he carries this momentum with him he could out DPS the Hunters hitscans. That would help Seoul win fights purely off of the numbers. Watch out to see if FITS continues on his rampage or if he has cooled off during this week.

Guangzhou Charge: 

The Guangzhou Charge, currently, is only above the LA Valiant in rankings when it comes to the APAC region. This is should be Seoul’s match to win. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t prepare for this match and only focus on the Hunters, as that would put at risk their one more guaranteed win.

Prediction: 3:0 Seoul 

The Charge has not been looking strong. Though there is a chance of an upset if Eileen’s Doomfist gets a lot of damage done to the backline and Kariv demolishes the tanks as Ana. Mechanically the Dynasty should be able to take the Charge down, but it comes down to the wild card of the strategies that both teams are going to run.

To win the Seoul Dynasty should watch the Spark’s game against the Charge in Week 6. The Spark was able to win in a convincing fashion 3:1. If the team is able to take down the support around the Charge’s DPS then they won’t be able to have as much of an impact.

Player to watch: Youngseo ‘Kariv’ Park

Kariv is a highly skilled Ana. That could be a big issue for Seoul. In their match against the Shanghai Dragons, the bionades absolutely melted Gesture. He was pressured and not able to take the crazy flanks and have the freedom to try and get the outrageous hooks. If Kariv hits his bionades and stays out of harm this could be a big upset, especially if the Dynasty refuses to change compositions. Keep an eye out on Kariv. If he is hot then that spells big trouble for the Dynasty.

Week 8

This is a big week for the Dynasty. If this week doesn’t fall together perfectly, they might just be out of the June Joust which would leave them with a lot of downtime. The expectation of many is that they will get into the top 4, as so many of the other teams are seen as weaker. Upsets are not a new thing for the June Joust, so anything is bound to happen.

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