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Seoul Dynasty Week 26: The Last Leg Before the Countdown Cup

The Seoul Dynasty are looking to pull out one win for the Showdown Countdown in Week 26. Unfortunately they are facing up against the Guangzhou Charge. Luck hasn’t been on their side when it comes to opponents that they have had to face. The Chengdu Hunters seem to be the team leading the meta for the last two weeks and the Shanghai Dragons are always a threat in APAC. Though with last week their matches with these two teams had silver lining that the Dynasty played the matches close; that is a straw for the Tiger Nation to grasp onto going into Week 26.

Guangzhou Charge: 

The Charge are at 1-1 for the Countdown Cup. Their match against the NYXL last weekend showed cracks in the defending Summer Showdown Champions. This week all heroes are unbanned, which means that comps such as double shield are available again. The question is will the Chengdu Comp still be the comp to beat, in which the Charge looked shaky on, or will Orisa Sigma come back in vogue. For the Dynasty fans will Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi stay in along side Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong, or will Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang come back?

What do the Seoul Dynasty need to do to win?

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This is a difficult question. Each week this question is asked and there is a different aspect to look at; the play speed, the composition, the players, etc are all factors in winning. It is the mental of the players that needs repairing. The Dynasty didn’t play bad last weekend, but they still lost. Rankings, comments, self pressure, all seem to be compounding as seen in the player cams after each loss. The Dynasty brought the Hunters, who are undefeated so far, to a map 5 and almost full held the Dragons twice in three maps. Small mistakes were made and the opposing teams exploited that.

Looking at Past Matches

The NYXL, who also took the Hunters to a map 5, beat the Charge 3-0. This was off of individual play. Hyojong ‘Haksal’ Kim out performed Yiliang ‘Eileen’ Ou, and Dongwook ‘Bianca’ Kim came out and played a solid Zarya. Does the Dynasty at this point have a Haksal level Genji? Maybe, in the form of Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park, but is it worth the trade off of having him not on Tracer? Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim can Tracer, but it isn’t at the Profit level. Is the issue that even though the Dynasty’s DPS all have large hero pools that they overlap too much making them not as flexible?

Prediction: 3:2 Charge 

If the Charge and Dynasty match was during the hero pools, it might sway the prediction towards the Dynasty. Their Tracer Genji didn’t look bad, but with hero pools opening up there are many more comps that the Charge can play to nullify it. The Charge’s dive looked really clean when they played against the London Spitfire.

If the Dynasty capitalize on the over extensions and have individual pop-off plays some maps could be very close. Rio’s flanking Hammond, Chara’s Mercy rez can all give Seoul issues. With Ana back in the mix that might give Genji a little more survivability, but then that is for both teams. The Charge seems to have better communication and coordination, which is why they are predicted to win this match.

Player to Watch: Jung-woo ‘Happy’ Lee

Week 26

Widow is back in the hero rotation. Happy is one of the most deadly Widows and his Ashe is nothing to scoff at. if Happy is able to find sight lines he will find headshots. The NYXL were really good at pushing the Charge out of position, which then they could focus on burning down Happy who was isolated from the team. If the Seoul Dynasty’s DPS are able to work with the team to keep Happy in line the matches will be much closer. Though, if the Dynasty’s DPS falls short in containing the powerhouse that is Happy then it will be hard to get cohesive fights put together. Keep an eye out to see how Happy performs as well as how well the Dynasty plays around the massive DPS threat.

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