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Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty Top 3 aspects seen in the Summer Showdown

What does it feel like to relax and enjoy a weekend? For Tiger Nation, this is a rarety. There is usually always something that is on the line for them. Whether it is their own match or needing other teams to win/lose to qualify. With this last weekend and a win against the Guanzhou Charge they are officially the first team to qualify for the Summer Showdown. Here is a look at the 3 important aspects that got the Dynasty to this point in the Summer Showdown.

Toyou Checking

Hyeonwoo ‘Toyou’ Lim has been an integral part of the team since he joined the Dynasty last season. During the Summer Showdown Toyou has been taking his job as a spy checker as well as checking specific players seriously. This is best highlighted in the Dynasty’s match against the Hangzhou Spark. On King’s Row Toyou along with Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim made sure that Shy had a low impact on the match.

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

On many maps, Toyou and FITS are a package deal. They would go around the map, either flanking or diving onto players. Many might think of Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong and Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park as the dive duo, but without Gesture in the line up that has shifted over. Toyou and FITS shut down Shy. On Junkertown defense Toyou on D.Va was constantly spy checking around for Minho ‘Architect’ Park’s Sombra. This forced Architect to play more carefully and not take as many opportunities. Though these examples are from the Hangzhou Spark, this is has been a running theme throughout all four of their matches so far with varying levels of success.


FITS has been on fire lately. He might not charge his EMPs as fast as Jaewon ‘LIP’ Lee, but it is rare that FITS ever has a limp (0 man) emp. It was on Kings Row where the Charge were still on match point that FITS got not one, or two, but three five-man EMPs. He was able to weave himself into the backlines and sneak by all the spy checking to get massive EMPs. Not only is EMP one of the most impactful ultimates in the game. Off the back of the large EMPs, the Dynasty were able to effectively team wipe and reset the Charge.

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

FITS EMPs have been good at catching vulnerable members of the enemy team. FITS is rated the third-best Sombra in the League. This is not just APAC, but also NA players as well. He has only played Sombra 11.9% of his time, being more on McCree and Ashe, but this shows that he is making an impact when he does switch.

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Throughout the Summer Showdown FITS has been able to show that he is just as important to the DPS duo as Profit. The ProFITS duo flexibility means that he is not pigeon-holed onto one hero. FITS EMPs has been impactful, but the highlight is his restraint. The coaches and himself have the knowledge of when to switch on and off of Sombra for the best results.

Playoff Profit

It isn’t playoffs yet, but the Seoul Dynasty has seemingly unlocked playoff Profit during regular matches. There were times that it was by the sheer determination of Profit that the Dynasty pulled fights around.

The heroic plays came in the form of partial luck and partial skills. On Hollywood against the Chengdu Hunters on defense, Profit in an OT hold to win the map may have been taken out but also got a 2k of both Hunter support players. On Ilios, Lighthouse, Profit took on an Ashe, Zen, and Mercy and eliminated them all.

Profit being able to play what he wanted without being limited by hero pools has brought out the God DPS in him. When the Dynasty were down two maps against the Guangzhou Charge and facing Volskaya Industries it was Profit who got away with eliminating three players through melee hits!

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Profit has been a massive asset to the team, being able to grab the frags that help swing the momentum in the favor of the Dynasty. Seoul is an emotional team and having someone that is able to help change the tides of the match and renew confidence is a big help. Throughout the four matches, the three that they won, the other teams allowed Profit space to grab picks and be impactful. What the Shanghai Dragons were able to do is shut down the DPS so that they were never able to make so much of a difference that the game would favor the Dynasty.

Seoul Dynasty

The next weekend will be less stressful, but also a little sad as the Dynasty won’t be playing any regular matches. That means that Tiger Nation is just going to have to wait for the playoffs of the Summer Showdown to see Profit Tracer, FITS Sombra, or Toyou D.Va. Though it is these three members that were highlighted, all of the members whether playing in the match or on the bench is integral to the team.

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