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Seoul Dynasty Stage 3 Playoff Preview

The Seoul Dynasty has had a very interesting stage 3. In saying that, this stage may also turn out to be the best stage in their history. Seoul finished the regular portion of this stage with five wins and two losses, with both of their losses coming at the hands of higher seeded teams. The Dynasty come into these playoffs with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Prior to becoming the Seoul Dynasty, this roster had a rich history of achieving great results. More recently, however, this team is known to be underwhelming and at times mediocre. The Dynasty has a tough road ahead of them, but their form suggests this may be their time to shine.

Seoul Dynasty’s first playoff match is this Friday, 7/12 at 8 pm Pacific time.

Stage 3 Playoffs bracket from Competitiveoverwatch

Seoul Dynasty vs San Francisco Shock

The Seoul Dynasty and the San Francisco Shock both ended the stage with a 5-2 record. Despite finishing next to each other on the stage ladder, Seoul could not have looked much worse against the Shock when they played just a few weeks earlier. In this match the Shock triumphed in a clean sweep, not seeming challenged in the slightest. This would suggest that the Shock should be favourites for the upcoming rematch.

However, the Shock lost to the Chengdu Hunters two weeks ago, a team that the Seoul Dynasty themselves easily dismantled. The key to this ring-around-the-rosie of teams defeating other teams is primarily based upon a team’s Meta understanding. The Dynasty was able to adapt to Chengdu’s weird playstyle because of their flexibility. They understood that they needed to play more Winston and Sombra based compositions. Whereas the Shock is reluctant to stray too far from their stage 2 winning composition, one which hides behind the immobile shield of a Reinhardt. This lack of flexibility will hurt the Shock in this match-up. Seoul will have undoubtedly done their homework on the Shock as they did with Chengdu. And the Shock is a much easier nut to crack.

In saying this, the San Francisco Shock are not past stage champions for no reason. The Seoul Dynasty may have the knowledge and flexibility to win this match, but toppling a champion is no easy feat. Seoul managed to beat NYXL in the stage 2 playoffs this year, but this may be tougher still.

Player to Watch: Kim “FITS” Dong-eun

FITS is a somewhat constant staple for this team. His hero pool is quite expansive and impressive in DPS compositions, and his Zarya is the crucial linchpin behind their 3-3 composition. FITS has to lift his game just a bit to match Jay Sinatraa Won in the Zarya mirror, or Seoul will not be able to compete on half of the maps in this series.

Match Prediction: San Francisco Shock 3 – 2 Seoul Dynasty
2019-05-04 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Looking Forward

If Seoul manages to win this match, they will likely face the New York Excelsior in the next round. As mentioned above, they have beat this team in the playoffs already this year, and they can do it again. The Excelsior has not won against an impressive opponent since losing twice to lowly team the Atlanta Reign last stage.

If the Dynasty bows out against the Shock it would not be surprising, but it would be disappointing. This team is searching for success, and they can feel it just beyond their grasp over and over again. With no stage 4 playoffs for any team, the Dynasty would be focusing on the big boy playoffs at the end of the year. They will surely make it, but if they lose against the Shock this week it may seem that they are forever destined to be a middle of the road kind of team.

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