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Seoul Dynasty: Stage 1 Week 5 Preview

The Seoul Dynasty (3-3)

Week 4 Recap

Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Washington Justice: 3-1

Seoul were able to show more pickups on what was still a very strong roster. The back line strength with Jinmo “Tobi” Yang and Jehong “RyuJehong” Ryu was still as remembered. Leading the front line duo were Minseo “Marve1” Hwang and Joonhyeok “Zunba” Kim. What was most impressive was Dongeon “Fits” Kim making his debut on Zarya and looking great throughout the series.

Although playing a different set of players than fans are used to seeing, Seoul were still able to take the win handily outside of Dorado. The Dynasty were able to pick up on the errors the Justice showed and Seoul were able to walk over the tanks of Washington through reactive play.

A slower and more methodical play style was shown with Marve1 in over Fissure that still put Seoul where they need to be ahead of stage one playoffs. Seoul now stand just outside of stage one playoffs.

Player of the Week:

Dongeon “Fits” Kim was able to play Zarya through the majority of the series against Washington. With Fleta still in the line up and on Brigitte it enabled Fits to show their strengths. Staying composed on the front line with Marve1 and Zunba, too. Fits controlled the pace of the match by continuously damaging the tanks of the Justice while finding high value and spacing with his high energy right clicks.

Week 5 Preview

London Spitfire: 3-3 (3/16)

Zunba and Ryujehong high five after a map win Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

With stage one playoffs dangling in front of these two teams, the only thing standing in their way is essentially themselves. Which ever team wins this series will have a higher chance to make it into stage one playoffs. With some other outside factors from other matches, this will be London or Seoul’s chance to break into the running. The Dynasty, although the same win to loss record as London, have a higher map differential.

London are coming off a shaky stage run and would like to keep any momentum gained from previous weeks. Seoul still have a battle ahead of them. Even with a close match against the league’s strongest, NYXL. London can not be taken lightly. Their roster has always proven to perform better with pressure in the mix.

The Dynasty will have to utilize everything in their arsenal. From explosive combos stemming from front line members Fissure and Minhyuk “Michelle” Choi, Seoul will look to control the pace of this match. Reacting and punishing London for their over aggressive tenancies.

Prediction: Seoul wins 3-1

Player to Watch

Fissure Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


The last time Fissure faced off against London was with his previous team, the Gladiators, and Fissure won. The Spitfire were the team that Fissure came into the inaugural season with. Wanting to keep a positive record against London would be nice but stopping the Spitfire’s playoff hopes while securing their own is better.

With Fissure having his team behind them while backing up his play, impact on the match is what he will have.

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