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Seoul Dynasty Open Scrims

One of the benefits of a two region system is that teams can do events like open scrims as they do not have an immediate danger of play each other in the regular season. The Seoul Dynasty and the Washington Justice just announced open scrims. These matches will be on the two teams’ youtube channels.


The scrims are going to have multiple games, and not all of them will be like the Overwatch League format. The first three matches will be open scrims of Control, Hybrid, and then Escort. Then matches 4 and 5 is APEX vs new stars. It is assumed this will be mixed roster of the Justice and the Dynasty of those players who were in APEX versus the newbie players who came in during the Overwatch League. Last two matches is a team death match 4 v 4 of the Dynasty versus the Justice and last but not least a team DPS versus team tank. Matches 4 to 7 are more light hearted fun matches rather than regulation matches.

With the Overwatch League being pushed back this is a fun show match that is reminiscent of the Gen.G Con when it was the NYXL versus the Seoul Dynasty. The announcement of the open scrims came as a huge surprise for Tiger Nation. You can catch the matches on March 1st 10 PM EST.

Seoul Dynasty:

Washington Justice:


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