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Seoul Dynasty Content Storm

In the offseason the Seoul Dynasty have more content than ever coming out. This week alone there were three Dynasty produced videos and two Korean Overwatch League videos. It is a reminder of the great season that the team has had and also false heart attacks every time the Dynasty tweets them out.

Seoul Dynasty Produced

Seoul Dynasty Recap

The Seoul Dynasty Recap had Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong, Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park, Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang, along with Wizardhyeong and Changgoon sit down and discuss the season. This really gave insight to the fans about the feelings that the team had during the season. It reinforced what Chanhyung ‘Fissure’ Baek said, that the Dynasty tend to practice one composition to perfection. Having the two coaches there was nice to see what the masterminds were thinking during the season. The video addressed previous statements such as Wizardhyeong saying he didn’t think that Seoul could go to the finals.

When Tobi talked about how each year the team had different coaches so he was asked to do different tasks shows how flexible even within each role the players are. The best moment was when the question was asked who they would pick for MVP and they all chose themselves. It is a light-hearted video which is a different style than what the Dynasty usually produce.

Into the Dynasty Episode 4

This series throughout the whole season has been the most informative. It is a great mixture between gameplay, behind the scenes and interviews with the players and staff. It gives Tiger Nation glimpses on benched players and sees how they contribute to the team even when they are not in the game.

The players gave up Chuseok which is a huge holiday in South Korea to prepare for the matches. What shown through was the dedication of the staff and players to have a good showing in the final four. It was reassuring to see how the coaches supported the players mentally after a loss and cheered them on after a win. The peace of mind that the players are always taken into consideration no matter the stakes allows Tiger Nation to know that their players are well taken care of. It ended with a positive on how much the team had grown from the rocky regular season. This was the most emotional piece of content as it was reliving all the highs and lows of the final four during playoffs.

Dynasty Roar Episode 7

The editing on this series is always amazing. Between picking the vital moment of chaos and also censoring the comms, this series is always lighthearted and chaotic. The screaming and comms highlight who the loudest members of the Seoul Dynasty are. Though the team members have changed from Season 1 to now, one thing has always stayed the same, they are a loud team. As the Overwatch League rarely puts APAC team comms in the overall league created montage, this series displays the players’ personalities the best.

Korean Overwatch League Produced

Team Dummies – Episode 8

If there is only time for one of the videos produced, watch this one. It does not have all the players, which is sad, missing Sungjun ‘Slime’ Kim, Jemin ‘Illicit’ Park, Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang, and Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi. The players were trying to answer quiz questions to earn food. It is no surprise that it was chaotic, but it really let fans see their personalities. It is no doubt the funniest video produced this last week. Spoiler, the team had to split into two teams to earn food as they couldn’t get it done as one unit. Go watch, this video has English subtitles so all the fans can enjoy it.

Tobi goes over his Wiki

This piece is the right amount of nostalgia, sass and informational (it is English subtitled as well). One might say, that they can go and look at the wiki themselves. But this is the Korean Wiki and has more information on it than liquipedia. It is Tobi’s wit and sassy responses that make the video fun. Also, fans who have not followed Tobi may learn some lesser-known facts about him and his career. The edits are immaculate. It was fun to see the old APEX opening when Lunatic-Hai played against Kongdoo Panthera in the finals, and along with that some old faces from the VOD. It gives Tiger Nation hope as the last thing that was said was Tobi promising that there will be a star on the Seoul Dynasty banner next season.

Content Storm

This has been an amazing week to be a part of Tiger Nation. Though there are roster moves that are looming over everyone’s heads the content makes it easier. It is fun to see the players having fun. Tiger Nation can only wish that as it gets deeper into the offseason, the steady stream of content won’t diminish.


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