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Seoul Dynasty Anthology Part 3

The first two seasons of VODs are already up (Season 1 & Season 2), and here is the third season. The Tiger Nation went into Season 3 full of excitement but also nerves. This was the first time that the team would have fewer Lunatic-Hai members than any other team. With Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park, Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong, and Seungtae ‘Bdosin’ Choi the meme quickly spread that Seoul was the London Spitfire remake. With an open mind, the Tiger Nation ventured out into Season 3 without knowing the rollercoaster of emotions and events that were around the corner.

Here are the Season 3 VODs for all of the matches that the Seoul Dynasty played.

Season 3

Gen.G Con Pre-Season *Korean Only 

Unfortunately, there is only the Korean cast of this event available. Wolf and Achillios did a re-broadcast cast of it on Twitch, but it is not easily accessible. This is less of a show match than a fun exhibition match between friends. Who would’ve thought a season later Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park and Taesung ‘Anamo’ Jung would be sitting on the other side of the metaphorical table.

Regular Nov 9 NYXL
Mixed Nov 9  Mixed Roster

Show match:

The Dynasty’s matches kept getting delayed with traveling and Covid-19 issues. This was another fun exhibition match that the team played with the newest hero Echo. This means that the Seoul Dynasty never got to play the beginning weeks when there was no hero ban and instead played all their matches post-hero ban. To watch this match gave some of the fans a bit of doubt, because of the high expectations that the community had of Profit on the newest hero, but the results were not what was expected.

Non-Week Loss 3/22/20 Shock


Week 8 March:

Both of these matches are worth a watch. It will be the only time that the Dynasty will play western teams until they go up against the San Francisco Shock during the Grand Final playoffs. The team had already waited weeks to play because of the complications of Covid-19. This was the first time the community saw the team in action and they won both matches handily.

Week 8  3/28/20 Valiant
Week 8 3/29/20  Glads


Week 12

Week 12 was when the Seoul Dynasty returned to South Korea but after their quarantine. The match to watch is the game against the Shanghai Dragons. This was the first matchup of many for the Dynasty. It was especially daunting as they were up against their old teammate Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim. In the match, it is a good representation of where the team started out versus the last match the Dynasty will have with the Dragons.

Week 12 4/25/20 Spark
Week 12 Loss 4/26/20 Dragons


May Melee

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The May Melee was a miracle run for the Seoul Dynasty. They went 1 and 3 in the regular matches with one of the worst standings in that tournament. The match Week 14 against the Dragons would be one of the only matches that the Dragons would lose in the regular season. The Final’s match against the Dragons showed great Overwatch on both sides. It shows the mental fortitude of the Dragons but also the drive and passion from the Dynasty.

Week 13 Loss 5/2/20 Charge
Week 13 Loss 5/3/20 Spark
Week 14 5/9/20 Dragons
Week 15 Loss 5/16/20 Hunters

May Melee Playoffs

Quarter 5/23/20 Spark
Semi 5/24/20 Charge
Finals Loss 5/24/20 Dragons


Summer Showdown

The match to watch is the Dynasty’s quarter’s match against the London Spitfire. This is the first time that the two teams would be facing each other. It was greatly anticipated as two of the London members had connections to Gen.G and Seoul Dynasty. This was a match of Profit showing his abilities on Genji. The famous 5k blade on Nepal as he slashed through the whole of the Spitfire. Profit doesn’t play Genji a lot, but when he does he completely dominates.

Week 19 Loss 6/13/20 NYXL
Week 20 Loss 6/20/20 Charge
Week 21 Loss 6/27/20 Dragons
Week 21 6/28/20 Hunters

Summer Showdown Playoffs

Quarters 7/4/20 London
Semi Loss 7/5/20 Dragons


Countdown Cup 

The losses against the Spark are important to watch. It makes what happens in the playoffs even more incredible. This is the first two of three matches leading up to the playoff match that the Dynasty loses to the Spark. Though it might be hard to watch the Dynasty getting crushed, it gives a better catharsis later on in the VOD watching.

Week 24 Loss 7/17/20 Spark
Week 25 Loss 7/24/20 Hunters
Week 25 Loss 7/26/20 Dragons
Week 26  7/31/20 Charge

Countdown Cup Playoff

Quarters Loss 8/8/20 Spark



To ease one’s nerves for the upcoming playoffs, take a break and watch some more relaxing Overwatch. This month was London versus Seoul match up free for all. It was great to see how from Week 28 to Week 29 the London Spitfire improved. It was also the season that was the opposite of Season 1 of where the Dynasty never won against the Spitfire, but that London didn’t win against Seoul.

Week 28 8/14/20 London
Week 28 8/15/20 NYXL
Week 28 8/16/20 London
Week 29 Loss 8/21/20 Spark
Week 29 8/23/20 London



Final four
Courtesy of Blizzard

For the playoffs, each match was like fighting to stay asleep because the dream is just too wonderful. All the matches no matter whether the team won or lost are worth a watch. But the top highlight again the Shanghai Dragon, this match in the Grand Finals, Loser Final showed the improvement that the Dynasty had made. They defeated the Dragon, metaphorically and literally. The teamwork, individual skill, and confidence showed a completely different team than from the first time that the Dynasty faced the Dragons.

Of course, the Grand Final is also a match to watch. It was one of the closest finals that the Overwatch League has had, as in the previous years it was more of a steamroll. It was great to see the Seoul Dynasty take Hanamura from the Shock.


Round 2 9/5/20 Spark


Playoffs APAC

Semis 9/6/20 Charge
Winner Final Loss 9/12/20 Dragons
Loser’s Final 9/13/20 NYXL


Grand Finals

Semis Loss 10/8/20 Shock
Loser R1 10/9/20 Fusion
Loser Final 10/9/20 Dragons
Grand Finals Loss 10/10/20 Shock


Ryujehong Companion Stream Playoffs *Korean Only 

Courtesy of Ryujehong’s Youtube

Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu returned to the Gen.G HQ to do a companion stream for all of the playoffs. This is all in Korean. It might be hard to understand the details if one doesn’t speak Korean. But body language and tone don’t lie. Ryujehong eating food and leaning back in his chair for the Philadelphia match versus the tense quietness and leaning forward to watch against the Shock. It showed how much Ryujehong still cared about the Dynasty.

Semi’s  Shock
Loser R1 & Loser Final Fusion and Dragons
Grand Finals Shock

Season 3 Anthology

Season 3 seemed like the season of the Dragon versus the Tiger. The Seoul Dynasty was constantly met with questioning the coaching, players, and strategies. In the end, the Dynasty proved that they were the team that fans should feel proud of. It seems as if Season 4 will bring more changes, but if this season showed the community anything it is that the Dynasty players are resilient.

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