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Seoul Dynasty Anthology Part 2

This is the second part of the series of cataloging all of the Seoul Dynasty matches. You can find the first part with Season 1 here. There were a lot of changes that had been made to the team in the offseason. Again the hopes were high for the team coming into Season 2. Here are all the VODs on youtube of the Season 2 matches that the Seoul Dynasty played.

Season 2

Show Match

The show match this season was fun for the fans as it was attached to a meet and greet. Pros such as Seungjun ‘Whoru’ Lee was in attendance to watch the matchup between the new Guangzhou Charge and the Seoul Dynasty.



Community Countdown

This was the Overwatch League Pre-season. It wasn’t a completely serious match but showed a good estimation of what the newer teams within the league.

Day 22/10/19Spark


Stage 1 

Seoul Dynasty came into Season 2 with two blockades in their way. The NYXL and more prominent the London Spitfire who the core of the Seoul Dynasty had never beaten since APEX Season 4 days. Right off the bat in Stage 1, the Seoul Dynasty pulled off a 3-0 victory against the team that had plagued them for years in Week 5. It was a needed boost with a 4-3 record that stage.

Week 12/14/19Glads
Week 1 Loss2/17/19Dallas
Week 22/21/19Hunters
Week 3 Loss2/28/19Boston
Week 3 Loss3/3/19NYXL
Week 43/9/19Justice
Week 53/16/19London

Stage 1 Playoffs:

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty

There is no doubt that the most memorable moment was the quarter-final match-up against the NYXL. This was the first time during the regular season that the Seoul Dynasty beat the NYXL. Not only was this emotional as it was the first stage playoff but also because they had overcome a huge hurdle that had blocked their way in Season 1. Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi was a huge part in his flex role to help bring the NYXL down which brought about the infamous Yeonkwan ‘Nenne’ Jeong grav.

Semi-Final Loss3/23/19Titans


Stage 2

There can’t be cherry-picking in Stage 2 of just one match. The Dallas Homestand where the Seoul Dynasty went undefeated at the first-ever away games was memorable. In Week 4 the team went up against a fellow Texas team of the Outlaws and then played a close match against the LA Valiant. It was a bright spot in an otherwise hard Stage for the Dynasty.

Week 1 Loss4/5/19Glads
Week 2 Loss4/11/19Titans
Week 3 4/20/19Dallas
Dallas Homestand: Week 44/27/19Houston
Dallas Homestand: Week 44/28/19Valiant
Week 5 Loss5/4/19Titans
Week 5 Loss5/5/19Spark


Stage 3

In Stage 3 there were two matches against two teams that the Dynasty hasn’t faced yet in Season 2. The match against the Atlanta Reign in Week 2 and in Week 4 against the Paris Eternal showed the potential of Seoul if they had had a different schedule. It was their best stage yet in Season 2 with just two losses to the Shock and the Spark.

Week 16/6/19Florida
Week 16/8/19Charge
Week 26/15/19Reign
Week 2 Loss6/16/19Shock
Week 3 Loss6/22/19Spark
Week 4 6/27/19Paris
Week 4 6/30Hunters


Stage 4

In Week 4 the Seoul Dynasty went up against the Shanghai Dragons. They were the underdogs coming into the match. It was a 3-1 victory for the Dynasty and had the normal roster without Sangbeom ‘Munchkin’ Byeon. But it was their last win before playoffs and showed with all the ups and downs in the season they were serious to go all the way.

Week 1 Loss7/26/19Shock
Week 1 Loss7/28/19Dragons
Week 28/1/19Valiant
Week 3 Loss8/8/19Charge
Week 3 8/10/19Toronto
Week 4 8/15/19Dragons
Week 4 Loss5/17/19Fusion


The most memorable moment is the interviews against the Hangzhou Spark in the Losers R1. But the moment that Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim took Charlie ‘Nero’ Zwarg out of the sky on Busan was the integral moment when the Seoul Dynasty changed their fate. That win was a boost in confidence for the team before the playoffs.

Playin Tournament



Quarters Loss9/5/19Titans
Losers R1 Loss9/7/19Spark

The end of the second season

The Seoul Dynasty had a rough season, after the hype that came in the pre-season. Both Chanhyung ‘Fissure’ Baek and Munchkin left the team and Joonhyuk ‘Zunba’ Kim was benched for most of the season. But it led to many highs as well such as Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang and Michelle thriving on the team and Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim finding his own in the DPS line up. It also left a lot to be wanted with the team getting closer to their goal of winning it all but still was so far off.

Part three with the last season will be coming out later. Enjoy the VODs for the second season of the Seoul Dynasty’s journey in the Overwatch League.


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