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Seoul Dynasty Anthology Part 1

Overwatch League

With winter break right around the corner, there may be a question of what to watch over it. The offseason has brought about a yearning to re-watch some of the classic games that the teams have played in the past seasons. When searching the youtube channels, many of the first two seasons matches has been changed to unlisted, which can make it hard to find a full catalog of a team’s VODs. Don’t worry, through digging, a complete anthology of all of the matches that the Seoul Dynasty have played was created. Here is the first installment of that anthology, Season 1, with the matches listed in stages.

Season 1


These are the only three matches that couldn’t be found on youtube. If one wants to see the early Dynasty completely dominate these are the matches to watch fondly. This would be the only time that the Seoul Dynasty would defeat the NYXL, though it wasn’t during the regular season.

Day 112/6/17Dragons
Day 312/8/17Houston
Day 412/9/17NYXL


Stage 1

The standout match from Stage 1 is the first match that the Seoul Dynasty ever played against Dallas in Week 1. Some iconic plays were made the first day of the Overwatch League such as the D.Va bomb on a slept Félix ‘XQC’ Lengyel on Numbani and the Junkrat tire being destroyed by Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu on Junkertown. One of the hardest losses that the Seoul Dynasty would experience would be the NYXL in Week 3, as in the past the cores of these two teams would usually see a victory on the side of Lunatic-Hai/Seoul Dynasty. It was the first time that the Dynasty lost as they were undefeated in the pre-season.

Week 11/10/18Dallas
Week 1 1/13/18Glads
Week 21/17/18Mayhem
Week 21/19/18Boston
Week 31/24/18Dragons
Week 3 Loss1/26/18NYXL
Week 4 Loss2/1London
Week 42/2Houston
Week 5 Loss2/7/18Valiant
Week 52/9/18Shock


Stage 2

Courtesy of Blizzard and the Overwatch League

Most of Stage 2 was strong. Week 3 had the players who usually didn’t usually start see some much playtime against the Shanghai Dragons. It was nice to see Jaemo ‘Xepher’ Koo, Daekuk ‘Kuki’ Kim, Gido ‘Gido’ Moon, Seokwoo ‘Wekeed’ Choi, and Joonhyuk ‘Bunny’ Chae get in there. It was also a moment that fans in the inaugural season were waiting for; Xepher versus Seyeon ‘Geguri’ Kim.

Week 12/21/18Valiant
Week 1 2/24/18Shock
Week 22/28/18Dallas
Week 23/2/18Glads
Week 33/7/18Dragons
Week 3 3/8/18Fusion
Week 4 Loss3/14/18NYXL
Week 4 Loss3/17/18London
Week 5 Loss3/22/18Houston
Week 53/24/18Florida


Stage 3

This stage houses the matches when the Seoul Dynasty decided that playing on-role heroes wasn’t what they wanted to do. In Week 1 against the Shock on Blizzard World was when Jinmo ‘Tobi‘ Yang played Tracer against Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won and held his ground. It was a rare moment of seeing Tobi on a non-support hero that wasn’t Torb. Though Tobi first started out on DPS before deciding on main support and it was fun to see what could have been. The infamous Ryujekong moment was in Week 5 against the Houston Outlaws. No one will forget when the Seoul Dynasty captain went onto Winston and helped bring the team to a win.

Week 1 Loss3/4/18Valiant
Week 1 4/6/18Shock
Week 24/11/18Dallas
Week 2 Loss4/13/18Glads
Week 34/18/18Dragons
Week 3 Loss4/20/18Boston
Week 4 4/26/18Fusion
Week 4 Loss4/28/18NYXL
Week 5 Loss5/4/18London
Week 55/5/18Houston


Stage 4

Courtesy of Blizzard and the Overwatch League

This was a rough stage. A highlight of this stage was the Week 3 match against the Florida Mayhem in which the Seoul Dynasty were able to make a reverse sweep happen. With this reverse sweep also came the final losses to the London Spitfire and the NYXL. This meant that the Seoul Dynasty never won against those two teams in the inaugural season.

Week 1 Loss5/16/18Valiant
Week 1 Loss5/18/18Shock
Week 2 Loss5/25/18NYXL
Week 2 Loss5/26/18London
Week 35/30/18Dragons
Week 3 6/1/18Florida
Week 4 Loss6/6/18Boston
Week 4 Loss6/8/18Fusion
Week 5 6/13/18Dallas
Week 56/15/18Glads

Season 1 Reflection

Season 1 gave Tiger Nation so many good memories. This is from seeing Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim in action as the Fleta dead lifter to before the 2/2/2 lock happened with the supports going wild on other heroes. It is the most historic season with the original core still intact, but also one of the more painful memories of how the season ended.

Stay tuned for Season 2 and 3 to be released. Enjoy watching the Seoul Dynasty Season 1 VODs!


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