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Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty AMA Players edition

The Seoul Dynasty has had another AMA in their Gen.G Discord. The first iteration of this was with the coaches who answered questions. This time around it was Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim, Junwoo ‘Vindaim’ Park, and Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim answering questions that the fans asked beforehand. Not only was it entertaining and informative, but the other members also jumped in that highlighted the team culture.


The player didn’t say much about the matches. They were all adamant that the most memorable match that they played during the Kickoff Cup. The fact that the Seoul Dynasty had not beaten the Dragons in such a long period, made the win even more impactful. Not only was it the most memorable, but it was the most difficult. Vindaim remembered when they were playing “against Shanghai in the Oasis map, we took down Nano Soldier just by an inch… and we won against Philadelphia 4:0.”

Heroes and Meta

Most of the AMA was used to talk about the different heroes and meta.

A fan favorite question was one of the first that was answered, who is the best player, and who is the funniest. It was unanimous that the best 1v1 player is Stalk3r. Creative was voted the funniest but he disagreed and said that FITS was the funniest. It is interesting with Stalk3r being nominated as the best mechanically that he isn’t playing more. That really shows how Overwatch isn’t just about mechanics, but also about team cohesion.

Most Confident?

The three players broke down which hero they were most confident on. This comes as no surprise for long-term Seoul Dynasty fans. FITS’ might be the most surprising naming Genji as the hero he is most confident at. Though at this, a torrent of teasing came about FITS survivability on the hero. This brought out Vindaim’s personality as the cheeky maknae. FITS followed up by saying that Tracer was the hero that was the most fun to play.

Creative is most confident in his Ana play. He revealed that he practices his nades by using two computers. “Creative: I actually use two computers. I throw a Biotic Grenade with one computer, and check whether it landed in the right spot using the other computer.” He doesn’t practice tons, just enough to get the feeling of the ability. Creative’s nades play a big part in their wins in the Kickoff Cup showing that his hard work is paying off. Zen was the hero that Creative has the most fun on.

Vindaim is most confident in his Brig. This is no surprise with his O2 career and past matches in contenders. He mentioned that Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang, head coach of the Seoul Dynasty and ex-player for the Seoul Dynasty, has been helpful in Vindaim improving his Lucio skills. Lucio is the hero that he says is the most fun to play. He has been practicing Mercy lately and is feeling confident if she comes into the meta that he would be able to produce good gameplay. When asked ‘Last but not least, who is the best healer in the OW League?’ Vindaim didn’t hesitate to say Tobi, unlike on the media day where he announced that he was the best. Maybe that was because Tobi was also lurking on the AMA chat.

Role Change

When asked what role they would want to change to if they could change roles, got a split response. Creative went right in with the DPS. With his sniping abilities on Ana and DPS that he already pumps out on Zen, Creative could be a dangerous DPS. Meanwhile, both FITS and Vindaim said flex support. Both had similar answers as to why. FITS said, “I’m a nice person, and I want to help others, so I wanna be Flex Supp” while Vindaim said he wants to be in charge of all healing.


The three players and teammates showed off their personalities in this AMA. Creative, FITS, and Vindaim all relaxed at home after winning. None of them went out but instead relaxed at home.

Courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty

Courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty

Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park jumped into the AMA part way through and started to post pictures of Creative. It is easy to see that they have a good relationship between the two. As revenge Creative posted a picture back in the APEX days of Profit. Tobi also jumped in to have his presence known, giving witty little statements here and there. Myeonghwan ‘Smurf’ Yoo also was in the AMA to give his opinions. A funny moment with Smurf was when he reacted to FITS saying that his least favorite hero was Ball. Though his reasoning is sound being a DPS player who gets harassed by Ball of the time.

Courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty



Vindaim got to show off his personality as well. As the newest member of the Overwatch League on the Seoul Dynasty team, he isn’t as well known. A hot topic was the bow hairpin that he wore in his first match. He usually wears a hairpin for his practice time as his hair gets in his way. But now that he hasn’t worn in and has won it is more a superstition to not wear it. If his hair gets longer he will wear it again. Vindaim feels as if his youth plays a big part in being able to perform and do what the coaches ask. His mechanics are his strongest point as a player. Vindaim admits that he gets nervous a lot. He said, ” I do get really nervous during the tournament because I get worried about many things. And I think I’m nervous cause I don’t practice a lot… so whenever I find myself in situations when I didn’t practice, that’s when I get butterflies”. Smurf at this time jumped in to confirm that Vindaim does always get nervous.

Players AMA

If anyone expected anything but chaotic energy to come from the AMA they wouldn’t know the Seoul Dynasty. Not only does the AMA allow fans to ask questions, but for the community to get to know the players a little better. There are translations for the AMA up on the Seoul Dynasty AMA tab on the Gen.G discord. There is much more that the AMA covered that this article does not go into, so join the Gen.G discord and check it out.

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