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Overwatch Seoul Dynasty

Roster Speculation: Seoul Dynasty

The Seoul Dynasty has been quiet for a little while now since the announcement of Taesung ‘Anamo’ Park and Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park. The roster could be finished but there are definitely opportunities to expand their roster for next season.

Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong and Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang are signed currently for the tank position. While it is only Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim for flex support and Anamo for main support. The DPS have a more rounded feel with Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park, Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim, and SBB. Though the team could play the whole season with this roster, it spreads them quite thin with only a few alternatives if a player gets sick or hurt.


Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty Youtube

Technically the Seoul Dynasty still do not have a designated off-tank player. Marve1 has been playing that role with his proficiently on Sigma, but there hasn’t been a season yet that the team hasn’t had an off-tank specialist on the squad. Many in Tiger Nation are hoping that after the Gauntlet is over Hyunwoo ‘Toyou’ Lim will be signed to the team permanently. He has shown to be a hard worker and already understands the synergy within the team environment.

Another option to bring in is Tae-hong ‘MekO’ Kim. MekO is a well-known name and with the NYXL had great results. To bring back together SBB, Anamo, and MekO alongside Gesture and Profit could be deadly. Of course, as there are no off-tanks that are currently signed, the Dynasty could just sign both.


Profit 10000
Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty Instagram

It is hard to see what weaknesses there will potentially be next season. Profit covers so many different heroes. Before not having a Tracer and Genji player (as Profit was both) was an issue, but now with SBB there’s someone else who can join in. Potentially Dongjun ‘Rascal’ Kim or Haeseong ‘Libero’ Kim could be a major pickup for another super flexible player. Rascal would be nice as someone who could flex to Bap and be a threat to heroes such as Echo.

Last season there were only three DPS. It doesn’t look like the Dynasty will pick up players if they feel like all their bases are covered. They could also dip into the Tier 2 pool to pick up and develop some upcoming talent who could learn from the veterans.


It would be great to see the Dynasty pull more talent up from their Tier 2 team. Ui-seong ‘Quasid’ Son would be a perfect pick to bring up. His ability to be a flex support along with Creative would make the position all homegrown for Seoul. For main support, the Seoul Dynasty went all of last season with just Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang. That shows that the team is alright with just having one player occupy a role. Another option would be to pick up Gyumin ‘SanGuiNar‘ Lim. He would be coming back home as he started out his career with Gen.G. He has a lot of potential and could learn from Anamo. They could also go the Tier 2 route. A potential Tier 2 pick up who worked well with the current roster in trials might be a good backup and a player that the Dynasty can help mold for later seasons.

Future Roster Movements for Season 4

Tiger Nation will surely see more signings this offseason. With SBB and Anamo already announced, that potentially could be a big chunk of their budget for the team. It will be interesting to see who they will pull into the team for Season 4. The fans will for sure know the fate of Toyou as whether he gets signed or released will have to come by an official announcement.

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