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Rising to the Top: What Toyou Brings to the Seoul Dynasty


As the Dynasty won three matches in one weekend, the major change to the team was the addition of Hyunwoo ‘Toyou‘ Lim. As an off-tank he brought in a new revitalized strength to the tank line that allowed Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang to go back to his original role of main tank. Many might wonder who this new player is jumping in right at the end of the season. Is the bump in performance the honeymoon phase or fresh blood that has reinvigorated the team? Here is a look at how Toyou is the poster boy for the success of the tier 2 and 3 scenes in Overwatch.

His History


Toyou started his pro Overwatch career in 2019 on a smaller team named KPG Veloz. With this team he had small successes but never earning a title. He quickly moved on to join Gen.G. The parent organization of Seoul Dynasty has three tiers of Overwatch. There is the T1 that is the Seoul Dynasty which is part of the Overwatch League. The T2 is Gen.G’s contenders team for the Korean Region. The most interesting part of the Overwatch League pyramid for Gen.G is their T3. Gen.G has an academy (not to be mixed up with academy team which is what T2 is sometimes referred to) for trainees. The Gen.G elite esports academy is school that integrates academics and gaming for players interested in pursuing esports as a career. Those who graduate earn a US-accredited high school diploma. This is not just for Overwatch, but multiple games. At one point Gen.G had three separate trainee academy teams on Gen.A, Gen_B, and Gen_S. Toyou was a part of the second team Gen.A.


There was a major switch up in the line up for Gen.G T2 where players Seunghyun ‘Woohyal’ Seong, Eunsang ‘Oberon’ Ham, Gyumin ‘Be9’ Ahn and Seokwoo ‘Wekeed’ Choi left the team. That brought in an  influx of new talent, and one of those new faces was Toyou who moved from T3 to T2. Here he paired up with both Jeongwan ‘Someone’ Ham and Changhee ‘ITSAL’ Kim to become the tank line. Though while on the contenders team he never won a title, the team did place alright for a new roster. Below is a video of the Quarterfinals when Toyou was playing; head to 4:13:00 to see him on Kings Row. While Toyou was still on the contenders team he was able to play in a show match with his future teammate Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang.

Who is he?

Though Toyou is not the youngest member of the team, that goes to Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim though they are both 2001, he is the newest to the team. Many individuals within the organization have expressed their awe in Toyou’s work ethic. He is a player that started at the bottom of the tiers and through his hard work has climbed from the academy team to the Seoul Dynasty in record time.

In social media content that Seoul has put out, Toyou seems to be humble expressing his desire to want to be better even when he puts up solid performances. He has a whole computer screen full of notes, which shows his dedication to improvement. Toyou has shown proficiency on the off tanks of Zarya, D.Va and Sigma. He has shown he can also flex onto DPS like Sombra. His temperament seems to bring people to together as the COO of Gen.G Arnold Hur shared on their scouting reports about Toyou.

Seoul Dynasty

Toyou has become a shining star for the Seoul Dynasty. If he had been a part of the team longer than just the end component of the season, he could’ve been in the names people throw around for Rookie of the Year. His hard working personality has shown in their matches. He was apart of the squad that helped breaking the Dynasty’s losing streak in the make up week games. Not only does he practice but he is an intelligent player from the post match interviews and content that has been put out. Toyou has a bright future in the Overwatch League, and is a perfect example of how fostering T3 and T2 talent can be beneficial to the Overwatch League in the long run.

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