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Profit: Mr 10,000

Profit 10000

In the match against the Shanghai Dragons, Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park became the first player in the Overwatch League to hit 10,000 eliminations. His journey through Overwatch sounds like a Korean Drama. A bunch of players win their first major tournament, get picked up by a big org for an even bigger league in which they look like they won’t win but do in the end. A rough year in which they don’t repeat the final’s run but then go to a new team where there is hurdles, but make it to the top 4. That is Profit. Of all the pop-off hard carry players in the league, it is Profit who got to 10,000 elimination first.

Royal Roader

Profit 10,000

Profit has had many accomplishments to go along with his 10,000 eliminations. Of course, most of these were not when he was on the Seoul Dynasty, but the many different teams leading up to this point.

Profit alongside his GC Busan team members that went to London with him were double royal roaders. A royal roader is being a rookie player or team and winning a championship. Profit with GC Busan royal roader the APEX S4 tournament as well as the Overwatch League Season 1.

History captured yet again
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

This is an amazing accomplishment to win two major titles back to back. On top of that APEX S4 being the first year that this team came together and won. Then to also have a new league as well as format and also first the inaugural season of that is amazing.

Master Flex

An aspect that helped Profit reach that 10,000 eliminations first is his flexibility and consistency. That means throughout the changing metas of the multiple seasons, Profit has been able to stay relevant and get playtime over other players.

Birdring vs. Profit’s Zarya stats

This is most noticeable during the GOAT meta. Even though Profit is labeled as a DPS, he was able to play Zarya at such a high level that he earns that spot over tanks, flex tanks, or other DPS on the London Spitfire. He was a staple in the lineup no matter his position designation that allowed him to be considered one of the best DPS in the league as well as the Season 1’s finals MVP.

Seoul Dynasty

When coming into the Seoul Dynasty, many people were wondering how he would slot into the team. The Dynasty had kept from Season 2 their DPS of Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim and Jemin ‘Illicit’ Park who both have very similar hero pools. It was Profit whose hard work shined through and fit best with the compositions that Seoul was running. It was very few times that Profit was ever swapped out.

Though Profit at the beginning struggles with the mastery of the new hero Echo, when he re-debuted his Echo in the Overwatch League it had greatly improved. That in itself shows why Profit has remained relevant. He doesn’t constrain himself with labels. He could be a Genji, Tracer, Pharah specialist if he wanted. But he wants to be more than that. He wants to help his team win, and will put the time in to grind any hero that is needed.

Mr. 10,000

Profit’s 10,000 eliminations aren’t just from being in so many games. Yes, he is mechanically gifted. It is also the fact that Profit is a hard worker. He puts in the time and effort to be the best. This accomplishment should be a celebration of a player who never gave up and always strives to be better even when he is already at the top. The Seoul Dynasty are extremely lucky to have such a driven player on their roster.


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