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Overwatch League Recap: Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant

Seoul Dynasty (7-5) vs. Los Angeles Valiant (2-11)

Final Score: Dynasty 3-2 Valiant

It was the general consensus that the Seoul Dynasty would win this match, but in reality it was a lot closer than everyone had expected. The series constantly swung in favor of either team, and it really was anyone’s to take. The battle went to five maps before a victor was finally decided.

Busan: Dynasty 2-0 Valiant

Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant
Courtesy of Gamenews

Round one was on Sanctuary. The Dynasty were completely dominant, only losing a couple players throughout the whole round. They had a rock solid defense and much better ultimate usage. Seoul won the round 100-0.

Round two took place on MEKA Base. The Seoul Dynasty still looked strong, but did end up losing the point at 84% after a nice round of ultimates from the Valiant. However, the Dynasty retook the point after one fight and won the round.

The map ended 2-0 in favor of the Seoul Dynasty.

Hanamura: Valiant 3-2 Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant
Courtesy of Liquipedia

On Hanamura, Seoul started on defense. They looked immovable, and held on to Point A all the way until overtime. However, the Valiant found a last second pick onto Dynasty main tank Min-seo “Marve1” Hwang, and used that advantage to finally finish out the point. Point B went worse for the Dynasty, and Los Angeles finished it out in much less time. The LA Valiant ended the round with 1:35 remaining.

On attack, the Seoul Dynasty, like the Valiant, were held off of Point A for quite some time, but eventually took it in overtime. They were once again kept from capturing the point on B for almost their whole time bank, but with under 10 seconds to go, they got it done. The Seoul Dynasty received a one minute time bank for their sub-minute capture.

Round three put the Dynasty back on attack. They were unable to make any progress on Point A.

In round four, after a very scrappy fight, the LA Valiant took the one required tick to win the round.

The map ended 3-2 in favor of the Los Angeles Valiant.

King’s Row: Dynasty 6-3 Valiant

Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant
Courtesy of eSportsJunkie

The Seoul Dynasty started on defense on King’s Row. They were almost immediately overwhelmed by the Valiant and lost Point A. Point B had much more contention from the Dynasty, but only temporarily. After a couple of minutes the LA Valiant moved to Point C. It went similarly to Point B, and after a few fights the Los Angeles Valiant finished out the map with 0:31 left.

On attack, Seoul had an easy time taking Point A, succeeding on their first try. The Valiant put up more of a fight on Point B, but near the end, accidentally stepped off of the payload just long enough to allow it to get to the end. The round moved to overtime during Point C, but the Dynasty got it done. They were given one minute towards their next attack.

On their attack in round three, the Seoul Dynasty captured Point A in overtime. They kept their momentum going and took Point B. In the end, they were able to finish Point C, and therefore the map, still in overtime.

In round four, the LA Valiant could not make any progress on Point A, and lost.

The map ended 6-3 in favor of the Seoul Dynasty.

Junkertown: Valiant 3-2 Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant
Courtesy of Gamepedia

Junkertown had the Dynasty start on defense. After some back and forth and a couple of minutes, the Valiant eventually took Point A. Seoul struggled on Point B, and could not win the necessary fights to keep the LA Valiant from moving on to C. The trend continued and Los Angeles finished the map with 1:25 in their time bank.

On attack, both teams put up a nice fight, but Seoul came out on top and captured Point A. On Point B, a nice four-man D.Va bomb from Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi aided the Dynasty greatly in capturing it. Despite their momentum on the first two points, the Seoul Dynasty could not finish out Point C.

The map ended 3-2 in favor of the Los Angeles Valiant.

Oasis: Dynasty 2-1 Valiant

Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Round one took place on Gardens. The LA Valiant were very much the stronger team, and won 100-0. They won all of the fights quite convincingly.

Round two was on University. This time, the Dynasty looked strong, but, despite that, lost the point at 99%. However, they swiftly returned, recaptured it, and won the round.

The tiebreaker round brought the teams to City Center. Once again, Seoul looked stronger than the Valiant, and they won the round.

The map ended 2-1 in favor of the Seoul Dynasty.


Though an extremely close series, the Seoul Dynasty continued to show that they have greatly improved since Stage 1. However, there are certainly some kinks that need to be worked out if they’re being pushed so far by a team like the Valiant.


Featured image courtesy of the Overwatch League

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