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2 of 28 – Looking at the Current and Future State of the Seoul Dynasty’s Season

Season 3 of the Overwatch League was going to be a transitional season. Teams moved from being based in LA to a homestand localization model. All of that went out the window when Covid-19 hit the world. The pandemic altered the plans and the League, as well as teams, rolled with the punches. Each team is supposed to play 28 matches within the season. The Tiger Nation is over the moon that currently the Seoul Dynasty is top of the league. There is a trade-off to this joy. 2 of 28. 2 matches played of 28 at Week 10. It is time to do some math to see how 2 of 28 will possibly impact the team.

The Math

2 in 28

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Math time. The League is 27 weeks long. There is no word of it there is going to be an extension of the League. That means there are 17 weeks left of play if it is assumed the Overwatch League is staying on schedule. The Seoul Dynasty has 26 matches left to play. That is if the goal is to still have each team play 28 matches.

Seoul is currently the team with the least amount of games played. The Houston Outlaws and Washington Justice have played the most matches this season. Of course, the Pacific East had a later start than the rest of the League. Teams like the Shanghai Dragons and the Hangzhou Spark still have played five matches as of this last weekend – three more matches than the Dynasty.

How Did this Happen?

The timeline of the Dynasty and locations tell the story of how they became the highest rank with the least amount of games. The Seoul Dynasty started the season out in Seoul, South Korea. That is their localized home city and all of the team members are from South Korea.

Gen.G, the parent company, has an HQ in Seoul that the players practice at. The Dynasty was not in the lineup for Week 1 of the League. The Overwatch League decided because of COVID-19 that the homestands in China would be canceled during February and March.

The Dynasty stayed in Korea for many weeks until relocating to LA, where Gen.G has their USA HQ. There was a lot of false hope, as matches would be scheduled and then fall through. The first time the Tiger Nation got to see the Dynasty play was in Week 7 on March 22. That wasn’t even a regulation match, but a PTR show match with the San Francisco Shock.

Week 8 was the only weekend that the community has seen the Dynasty play. They faced the LA Valiant and LA Gladiators where they won both matches. At this time covid-19 the antagonist of the whole season steps back in. There starts to be more concern about safety in the USA as the virus is continuing to spread.

During Week 9, the Tiger Nation heard that the Dynasty was heading back to Korea. They did not play during Week 9, with the assumption being that the team was resettling after the move, resulting in them also not playing this past week.

Matches to Come

It seems as if the Seoul Dynasty will be sitting out Week 11 as well. The players are back in Korea and are self quarantining in their own homes according to Arnold Hur the COO of Gen.G in the Seoul Dynasty Discord. That means that is one less week the Dynasty can play matches.

26 matches in, now, 16 weeks. That is 1.6 matches per week after Week 11. The best option is ten weeks of 2 matches and then the remaining six weeks they would have 1 match. It could be 13 weeks of 2 matches and then three scattered weeks in between of no matches. This is a very heavy emphasis on the end part of the league for the Dynasty.

Not only does the Dynasty want to continue their strong performance, but to ensure the health of their players. Gen.G has always been a player first organization, so the well being of their player will definitely be a top priority to monitor.

Who will the Dynasty play within these next weeks? Will it only be the Chengdu Hunters, Vancouver Titans, Shanghai Dragons, Hangzhou Spark, Guangzhou Charge, NYXL and possibly London Spitfire? How will that balance against the teams that are still in NA?

The Hope for 2 of 28

The Overwatch League has not given any information on how the league is dealing with playoffs, the number of matches or the length of the League. The best bet for the Tiger Nation and the Dynasty is that the required amount of matches is lowered from 28 to a more reasonable number. Of course, there is the whole conundrum of the diversity of matches as teams are locked into playing other teams in their own region.

The worry in playing so many consecutive matches is the preparation behind it. 2 matches a week would mean double the preparation. No breaks between weeks could lead to player burn out or mental and physical health concerns for the players.


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