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Legendary Main Tanks of the Seoul Dynasty

Legendary Tanks

From the beginning of Season 1, the Seoul Dynasty have given fans high expectations from their main tanks. The team has had a roster of superstar tanks go through the Seoul Dynasty, each bringing a unique playstyle to the team. As the team has changed, so has the evolution of the main tank. From Season 1 to now Season 3, here are the legendary tanks of the Seoul Dynasty.

Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong

For the Tiger Nation, Miro is the original Winston. He was Lunatic Hai’s and Seoul Dynasty’s shield through APEX and the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. Miro is known to be most comfortable on Winston. He made himself a household name after the 2016 Overwatch World Cup matches were South Korean won the whole competition. Miro’s ability to know the absolute limits of Winston allowed him to pull out incredible plays that many didn’t think were possible. During the Overwatch World Cup, he would find places to hide, such as on small ledges or on top of doorways, that would surprise the enemy.

The Tiger Nation knows Miro as the player who is always smiling, dancing, rapping, and overall entertaining when he is streaming. He is not only a beloved player for his Main Tanking ability but a well-loved member of the Gen.G and Seoul Dynasty family.

Chanhyung ‘Fissure’ Baek

At the beginning of Season 2 of the Overwatch League, Fissure joined the team. Fissure is a well-known player of Kongdoo Panthera, then C9 (which later morphed into the London Spitfire), was then traded to the LA Gladiators, then joined the Dynasty, and is now on the Vancouver Titans. During his time on all of these teams, his personal character changed from the ‘Chad’ to the villain of the league. What is unmistakable is his main tank skills. Even after he had retired coming into Season 3 he still had multiple teams pursue him to join. Though many say that his personality is problematic and that is why he has changed teams so many times, the fact that teams even with these rumors still want him proves his worth.

Fissure has made his name on many different main tank heroes. Go to 1:27:05 in the video above to see how Fissure clutched the win against the LA Gladiators with a big earth shatter. His other well-known main tank play was on Oasis when he killed Pharah with his ult.

 Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang

Marve1 was a rookie that was added to the squad in Season 2. With him being paired against a veteran player such as Fissure, many thought that Marve1 was a talent in training. He was a relative unknown globally to fans. When Fissure left midway through Season 2, it was Marve1 who step up to fill the spot. Even before Fissure left the Tiger Nation was able to see Marve1 be put in over the veteran. That brought up many questions of why Fissure was benched for this new upcoming talent.

Marve1 showed everyone his skills on all the main tank heroes. It wasn’t until the playoffs with the newest hero of Sigma being released that Marve1 popped off. His ability to gain the understanding of Sigma’s kit was showcased. Marve1 became a legendary main tank overnight with his performance against both the Guangzhou Charge and Hangzhou Spark, proving that he deserved he had found his spot among the other legends that came before him on this team.

Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong

The legacy of the Main Tanks in the Seoul Dynasty continues with Gesture joining the ranks. Gesture was a part of GC Busan who royal roaded their way through APEX Season 3 and continued on all the way through the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. Gesture is not only known for his swag personality, but also what he brings out on the stage. Gesture’s Orisa and coordination with his teammates would decimate teams. The desk even called Gesture the best Orisa in the League at one point. Though his performance in Season 2 was highly criticized, with the 2/2/2 that prevents GOATs alongside the fact he is still with two of his other teammates and old Coach, the Tiger Nation sets high expectations for him.

Legendary Main Tanks

The Seoul Dynasty roster of legendary main tanks has created a legacy. With so many masterful main tanks the Tiger Nation has been able to see Hyper aggressive tank plays to intellectual slow pushes. With the new players and team that has been created for Season 3, the Tiger Nation is excited to see Marve1 and Gesture play and when each will be subbed in. For the future main tanks of the Seoul Dynasty there is a high legacy to live up to, but also just as Marve1 did to be placed among these legendary main tanks is a goal many would desire.


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