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June Joust Meta Roulette: Seoul Dynasty

The Seoul Dynasty had the first week of the June Joust off. That means that the team got to see what the other teams were playing and scout out the performances of their upcoming matches. The community is still left to wonder what meta will the Seoul Dynasty pick? In the past, the Dynasty were known for picking a comp and perfecting it, so when there are hero pools the fans never know what direction the team might go. Here is an educated guess off of the APAC matches as well as Seoul’s history of likely compositions they might try out.

“The” Meta


June Joust Meta
Courtesy of the Overwatch League
Courtesy of the Overwatch League
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

There was a distinct meta that appeared in the APAC region during the first week of matches. As Reinhardt is out of rotation, other tanks had to fill the space. The most common was going to the tried and true dive tanks. Luckily, Winston and D.Va aren’t bad heroes for the Seoul Dynasty. Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong was known for his Winston play. Even when Reinhardt was in the meta, Seoul were apt to play Winston as the designated main tank. D.Va is a hero that Hyeonwoo ‘Toyou’ Lim plays. It isn’t his best hero, but he is better than Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang on the role. Compared to last year the diva between Gesture and Toyou have improved.


Courtesy of the Overwatch League (Season 4 Week 4)

Ana and Mercy seem to be the go-to picks for the supports. For Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim Ana is a comfort pick. Even as a rookie, during the Season 3 Ana-off he was invited to participate alongside other well-respected Anas such as Seonghyeon ‘Jjonak’ Bang. He has proved himself when he has hit insane sleep darts and bio-nades. Mercy is not a hero that Taesung ‘Anamo’ Jung is well known for. He is proficient, but it is more likely that he would play the alternative version of this comp which would put him on Brig. The team would lose out on the rez that could put them in a bad position in teamfights.


DPS wise, there is no doubt that Echo and McCree have been the go-to picks. Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park is the Echo player for the team. Though at the beginning he didn’t come out strong, his Echo has been improving ever since. Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim would be the McCree player. In the past, it would be Profit who flexed onto that role, but it is unlikely that it would be FITS on Echo.

This composition isn’t bad for the Seoul Dynasty, but it isn’t the strongest. Profit is a good Echo, but to put him up against Xin ‘Leave’ Huang would show the shortcomings. With players not on their best heroes, it might show some gaps in the team which the opponents could take advantage of.

Orisa Hog

The Seoul Dynasty during the Season 3 playoffs ran through teams with Roadhog. With the buffs, that could be a relevant composition again. The issue would be that it would then bring Marve1 and Gesture in, who haven’t played together that much this season. The pre-built synergy of Toyou and Gesture wouldn’t help them. Though bringing Marve1 in, the Dynasty could play around with the two main tank compositions such as Orisa and Ball or Winston and Orisa. Marve1 is well versed in Sigma, but would run into trouble if D.Va or Zarya would need to be pulled out.

The DPS players then could pick depending on the map and opponent. Ana would probably be in the mix for the pure healing power as well as the nano-boost alongside a Moira, Mercy or Brig.

The Wild Card

A wild card comp that hasn’t been seen that often, but could be strong for Seoul is Ball, Zarya, Genji, Ashe/McCree, Mercy, and Ana. This would allow for Gesture to go aggressive using Toyou’s Zarya bubble. Profit who works well in securing kills alongside of Gesture could also using Genji’s mobility dive in alongside Gesture like he would on Tracer. The Zarya can bubble Profit if the nano isn’t ready for his dragon blade. Though FITS Doomfist would be a dream, a hitscan is needed for the potential Echo on the other side. McCree or Ashe depending if there is a Reaper on the other side would be a good match-up with FITS.  B.O.B could help this point presence and stall as many of the parts of this comp is mobile.

Mercy and Ana together have a lot of healing output. Mercy can damage boost Ashe/McCree as well as pocket Genji when needed. Ana is there to be able to heal those who are farther away because of the dive in. Then there is the essential nano boost that can make Genji more durable or help get Zarya to her ult faster. The synergy of supercharger and dragon blade, as well as grav and dragon blade make this composition compatible.

Meta Roulette

In the end, the hope will be that the Seoul Dynasty will show flexibility in their compositions. Many teams have been playing different compositions depending on the map. The advantage of the Dynasty’s roster is the flexibility that all the players possess. It looks like all the teams in the APAC region have stepped up their game, and there will be no free wins in the June Joust. Just one more week until the Seoul Dynasty debuts their June Joust look.

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