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Douyu and the Seoul Dynasty?

The Seoul Dynasty in the past has had a team streaming schedule. This was a past this was in relation to Gen.G’s partnership with Douyu. In this off-season, there has been no announcement of the team streaming on the Chinese platform, though other Gen.G teams such as their League of Legends team have been. This means that Gen.G is still using Douyu. The Seoul Dynasty players have been streaming on Twitch, most notably Myeong-hwan ‘Smurf’ Yoo with occasional streams from Creative and Profit. What does this mean and what factors could have gone into this sudden drop away from the Chinese streaming platform?

Coaching Differences

The Seoul Dynasty’s new head coach Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang was not only a player but also a player on the Seoul Dynasty. Previously he mentioned that as a player he felt pressured by the schedules that were put upon the players. This may be one of the first coaching decisions that the community has unknowingly seen enacted by Tobi.


This could also be scheduling issues. In the past when it came to the schedule, players’ stream dates and times had to be moved around. The last Douyu schedule that the Seoul Dynasty released was back in April of 2021. On April 20th it was announced that the streams that were scheduled were canceled.

This is only for the Seoul Dynasty. In March of 2022, the Korean Gen.G Twitter account posted the League of Legends’ Douyu streaming schedule. It seems that although the Overwatch League team is not streaming on Douyu anymore, the other teams such as the PUBG and the League of Legends are.

This could be just scheduling issues. On top of that, it might have been too much to juggle onto of preparing for the new season and Overwatch 2.

Past Occurrences

In Season 4 of the Overwatch League, the situation came up when comments that, then DPS player, Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park caused issues with the Chinese teams as well as fans. Because of this comment that was made while streaming on Twitch about his experience streaming on Douyu, that might be a deterrent for the Seoul Dynasty to continue to stream on there.


Courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty Discord

Though the Seoul Dynasty discord has the players’ links up for Douyu, the new members such as Smurf, Hakyong S’talk3r’ Jeong, and Junwoo ‘Vindaim’ Park don’t have Douyu accounts. It may be that compared to League of Legends, the viewership on Douyu isn’t as high as some of the other games. In the past, it has been mentioned that it was a good way to reach out and interact with Chinese fans. But after the situation from last season, that might not be a strong enough pull to have the players stream on the Chinese platform.

Seoul Dynasty and Douyu?

That brings the question will the Seoul Dynasty be streaming on Douyu any time in the future? Now that the players have access to Overwatch 2 to practice on, there has been a dramatic drop of Seoul Dynasty players streaming at all. Though with other Gen.G teams that are also based in the Korean headquarters streaming on Douyu, it makes the community wonder why the Dynasty is the exception as they were the team that started streaming on there early on. Whether it is on Douyu, Twitch, or AfreecaTV fans would love to watch their favorite players once again stream leading up to the Overwatch League Season 5.

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