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Dear Tobi

2020 Grand Finals

How can one start out an article, when tears are still running? To encapsulate the emotions that are pulsing through the veins of Tiger Nation. The hope that fans grabbed onto was that Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang would stay with the Seoul Dynasty. That it was just a procedure to not instantly re-up the contract. He would come back to Seoul just like last off-season. The justifications were made, as all of the community ignored the small voice of doubt that crept in.

The morning of the release announcement was a morning of extreme sadness, but also of happiness. The sad that is bone-chilling and can shake one to their core. The reality that won’t set in yet, because it is being forcibly willed by so many to be wrong. All the memories of what was and what will never be rushed in all at once. Why does this release hurt more than the departure of Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu?  There was anger as well with the question on everyone’s lips of how could this have happened. Why was our Tobi leaving?

But there was also happiness. Of all the memories that fans around the world have of Tobi spilled onto the social media timeline. The clips that were posted of the most memorable moments on top of the emotional send off that the Seoul Dynasty gave to him. The community banded together to celebrate the memories that Tobi attributed to in the past seasons. To see the impact of all of those who he has touched and influenced in the Overwatch community was emotional to see.

Dear Tobi,

수고하셨습니다 (You have worked hard). You have given so much of yourself to the team and the fans. How can the fans thank you for everything? You gave us so much enjoyment to see you play each match, each series. We felt proud that you were our Boop God.

You have gone through so much. Each loss must have weighed on your shoulders. We cried with you when you cried at the end of Season 3. Your passion for, not only the game and team but for the fans, was overwhelming. You have played under many different coaches, a rotation of teammates and still have stood strong. As many mourned the leaving of Lunatic-Hai core members, that must have felt even worse for you. Yet, you stayed and continued to be our cornerstone.

We seemed to celebrate together. Throughout these 3 seasons, there have been so many triumphs. So many of the fans wanted Seoul to win the Grand Final for you. We wanted to see you happy for achieving it all. The pain of seeing you apologize and promise to get that star next season seems to hurt even more now than it did then. You were our star. No matter where you land, the next team you decide to go to will be getting a star in you.

You have given us so many great memories. We hope that the fans have given you great memories as well. Because of covid you weren’t able to walk into the Seoul homestand to the sounds of us cheering for you. That will be a regret that Tiger Nation will hold.

You made your own dynasty while on the Dynasty. Ironically as we supported you on your journey, you really were the one who supported us. When it comes to Seoul you have helped hold us up and taught us, but we will stand on our own now in continued support for Seoul as well as you.

Words seem so hollow in comparison of what you have done, but thank you for dedicating yourself to the team for three season.

-Tiger Nation

The End but not Over

Tiger Nation will never lose hope. As long as Tobi is in the Overwatch League, and probably even when he isn’t, Tiger Nation will always say ‘what if he comes back.’ He is the identity of Tiger Nation. He is the only player who has gone through the same emotional rollercoaster with us since the beginning. The wins, losses, and roster change ups. He was the player we rallied around. The fans can only hope that Tobi can feel how well loved he is from the response of all fans. Tiger Nation will be waited with bated breath until the happier announcement of where he will be for Season 4 is released.

Always a Tiger.


*This article was emotionally distressing for the author.

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