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Creative – The Seoul Dynasty’s New Carry?

The Seoul Dynasty has a unique position in which they have multiple tiers of players to pull from. This is from trainees in Tier 3, Tier 2 Contenders, and an Overwatch League team. During the NeXT Tournament, the efforts that Gen.G have been utilizing to grow players were seen through the young flex support of Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim. Creative effectively showed off his versatility and fragging potential.

Hero Diversity

Previously, the Tiger Nation has only really seen Zen and Ana out of Creative. Those were the main two heroes that were active during playoffs in Season 3, which was the only time he really got to play previously. He went from a mostly benched player to in the starting six which was a great achievement considering the other flex support on the team.

NeXT Tournament Seoul
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One of the heroes that were up in the air for Season 4 was Moira. Would this be a hero that Taesung ‘Anamo‘ Jung would play or Creative would take over? The answer came on Oasis against the Fuel, that it would indeed be Creative. Though there wasn’t much playtime on the hero, the community got to see his playstyle on a hero that didn’t need as much aim and was more about positioning.

Also, Baptist, who in the last season was played by Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang as main support, was another hero that could have gone either to Anamo or Creative. On Lijiang Tower, it was Creative who went onto the Baptist. That could be because the team was running Lucio at the time, which meant that Anamo couldn’t play both. Creative neither looked good nor bad on the hero. With his proficiency on heroes like Ana with time, there is great potential for growth.

Just Supports?

The question remains on Creative’s candidacy as a flex support. If games implement a pick ban system, seeing whether the Dynasty will need Creative to flex onto a DPS (as was done in the past by Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu before the 2/2/2 implementation) will be interesting to see. But in this tournament, the community got to get reacquainted with Creative’s Ana and Zen, as well as get the first glimpse of a Baptist and Moira.

Fragging out

In the Finals, Creative on Hanamura killed Lip multiple times by himself as Zen. He showed this ability to pump out the damage as much as heal his teammates. In scenarios where the Dynasty didn’t run a hit scan to take an Echo or Pharah out of the sky, Creative would be the one who would take on that role.

Creative spent his time in matches providing DPS on Zen creating space and opportunities for his team, mostly being on Ana when he wasn’t doing so. It turns out that Ana will be synonymous with the Seoul Dynasty as some of the sleep darts that Creative was hitting was ridiculous. He slept Euiseok ‘Fearless’ Lee many times, as well as much slippier heroes such as Sombra and Tracer. The Dynasty did face the issue of waking up the sleeping targets too early, but Creative did his job in hitting the mark.

A Tiger Inside and Out

All of the Seoul Dynasty are tigers, but Creative and Hyeonwoo ‘Toyou’ Lim seem to hold a special spot as they are truly Gen.G born and raised. Though they may not be the most well-known players on the roster yet, there is no way they won’t be highly ranked on their position if this is anything like what we are going to see in Season 4. Creative had big shoes to step into when he joined the team and then was paired with another well-known flex support of Seungtae ‘Bdosin’ Choi. He has his time to shine and he took full advantage of it. The community can’t wait to see how much more he has to offer in Season 4.


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