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Co-Streams for the Seoul Dynasty

The Seoul Dynasty have hopped onto the hype of co-streams. This isn’t new. The Dynasty tried this out during the Grand Final Playoffs with Ryujehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu co-streaming alongside the matches. It seems as if the team wants to continue this fan engagement. This is not only a fun way to watch the Overwatch League, but to get some insight from other people who are within the community. This was an exciting new aspect of the Seoul Dynasty content creation.

Who was Co-streaming?

In the first week of Season 4, the Seoul Dynasty had two matches. Their first match was against the Philadelphia Fusion, while the second was against the Guangzhou Charge. The Seoul Dynasty released that both Jisu ‘AKaros’ Jang and Ryujehong would be providing a co-stream for the fans. In the first match against the Philadelphia Fusion, it was AKaros who gave thoughts on the match.

The forethought for Gen.G to sign Akaros was a great move. Not only is Akaros well-liked by the community, but also is an official caster for the Korean broadcast of the Overwatch League. This means that the insight that is provided is broadcast level. Meanwhile, for the second stream, Ryujehong, the former flex support for the Seoul Dynasty as well as content creator stepped into the Gen.G streaming room to talk to the fans about the Guangzhou match. It was noticeable that his takes were more based around the mentality of a player. At the end of his stream Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong stopped in to say hi to him and stream. It was nice to see the interactions as Ryujehong and Gesture never got a chance to play on the same team together.

Potential Co-streams

This opens the Seoul Dynasty up to having many different co-streamers. It would be great to see guest co-streamers come in to do a stream. Though it could be painful as it would mean the team didn’t make it through, to have a Seoul player or two during one of the mini-tournaments co-stream a final that they are not in would be fun to watch.

A guest of Seokwoo ‘wekeed’ Choi or Chanhyung ‘Fissure’ Baek as old players would be a co-stream. Fissure would bring the spice and sass, while Wekeed would bring thoughtfully explained concepts of the matches. If it wasn’t based on analysis, to have some of the other well-known players from other esports titles would also be entertaining, though not for serious commentary.

There is so much potential when it comes to these co-streams. Not many other teams are doing this in APAC. It sets the Seoul Dynasty apart from other teams in terms of content.

Season 4 Co-streams

Unfortunately, this is only in Korean. It is a nice opportunity for the Korean fans to have a co-stream as they are still without a homestand that has been long promised to them.

The joke lingers that AKaros’ predictions are cursed. There will be no serious thought that the match AKaros co-streamed to, the team lost. But despite that, it was both entertaining and informative. It will be even more entertaining to have a co-stream with Ryujehong when he has more friends on the other side. Both were wearing the Seoul Dynasty jersey during their streams that reinforced that Gen.G has a strong co-stream opportunity with even those two personalities.

Hopefully, these streams continue on throughout the season. It was a refreshing co-stream that allowed fans to enjoy the matches without any of the overwhelming Overwatch League chat. It would be great to see Gen.G really embrace this and expand it out even more to more languages and more co-stream hosts.

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