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Bite them Goodbye Zunba

The end of an era

Throughout the era of Lunatic Hai and Seoul Dynasty there have been many ups and downs, but one of the constants has been Joonhyeok ‘Zunba’ Kim and biting. The Tiger Nation will know this to be true, but whether Zunba has been drinking or not he shows his affection towards others through biting. It is not light nibbles, but hard full teeth bites. Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong and his teammates have the scars to prove it. It is not off-brand to hear through Jinmo ‘Tobi’s’ Yang twitch stream someone screaming in the background and yelling at Zunba for biting them. Zunba shows his love and affection in unique ways, but now it is time for the fans as well as him to say goodbye. 

*Translation Courtesy of @swingchip930 and clip from @Lunatic_ara

It was a dread that all of the Tiger Nation felt whenever their notifications pinged. As the video rolled and the screen of ‘Thank You Zunba’ flashed, it flooded everyone with memories of the past. The last cord of the music fades and the reality hits; Zunba is no longer with Seoul Dynasty. Zunba was one of the last hold outs of the Lunatic Hai roster along with Tobi, until now. It is an end of an era where the core was Lunatic Hai, and the beginning of the individuals’ journey.

The goodbye was foreshadowed during the offseason. Zunba was not at the show match versus NYXL at GenG con. He wasn’t at the GenG holiday party. He was missing from the Seoul Dynasty ‘family’ photo. The biggest hit was right after the end of Season 2 and Seoul didn’t post an announcement for his birthday. Along with all of this proof, Zunba did go on stream to announce he had had two opportunities that he had missed out on. For such a great off-tank two offers seemed to be quite low seeing Fissure, who had been retired, had at least three.


Zunba was not an original member of Lunatic Hai, though seemingly through the Mandela Effect many forget that fact as Zunba has integrated himself so seamlessly into the team. Zunba came to Lunatic Hai from Conbox before Season 2 of APEX. It was Fall of 2016 when both Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu and Zunba first spoke in relation to the Overwatch world cup. It was from that starting point that Zunba’s friendship and play style started to meld into Lunatic Hai/Seoul Dynasty. 

Lunatic-Hai Players
Lunatic-Hai’s APEX Season 3 Roster, Courtesy of OGN

Pre Overwatch league he was most well known for his Zarya play during the Overwatch World Cup against team USA. His D.Va bomb was one of the outstanding moments that he had during the league. He was not only the off-tank player, but for a long time the designated Hanzo player and would flex onto soldier (before the 2/2/2 lock). Along with being able to proficiently play most main tanks, that made him one flexible player. 


In Season 2, Zunba many times was lacking from the starting roster as the new player ‘Michelle’ burst into the scene. It was hard to justify Zunba playing over Michelle, when Michelle was popping off on stage. Michelle was well known for his habit of eating ults, which would snowball the fight to the Dynasty’s favor. Zunba never stopped practicing and supporting his teammates during that time. 

He has an impressive list of accolades under his belt, a two-time OWWC champion, back to back APEX OW champion, and 5 time POTM in the OWL. It is hard to believe that after all of these accomplishments it is time for Zunba to say goodbye. 

The Future

Zunba has told the fans he is not going to be going into the military, contenders, or retiring. His future plans, as of now, is to be a streamer in the new year. If he gets no offers before the start of Season 3 he will continue to stream. Zunba’s loud yells, keyboard bashing, biting, and constant support of his teammates will be missed. Now it is a waiting game until his twitch stream becomes active once again. Thank you for all you have done for the fans and the teams you have been on. Goodbye Zunba, you will always be a tiger to us.


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