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APAC 2022 Schedule

APAC 2022 Schedule

The APAC 2022 schedule for the teams was released earlier this month for the fans to see. This not only hyped up the community, as it has been a long off-season but also started predictions for the four different mini-tournaments. The APAC region team pool is smaller than the North American one. There are seven Overwatch teams in the region, The Seoul Dynasty, Hangzhou Spark, Guangzhou Charge, Chengdu Hunters, LA Valiant, Shanghai Dragons, and Philadelphia Fusion. That means that for the APAC region each team will play every team once per tournament rotation.

The Game Schedule:

There are many positives that come from the APAC schedule. For one this is going to make it fairer as each team will have to face all the other teams. There will be no ‘difficulty of schedule’ when it comes to the APAC region. That being said if it was only APAC then it wouldn’t be an issue. North American teams will not be facing all the other teams in each mini-tournament. That means that for overall points for the playoffs, a team could get boosted point-wise with an easy schedule. The North American teams will each face every team twice in the overall season, but this is not as overarching as the APAC region schedule. On the flip side if it turns out that the majority of the APAC teams don’t do well in Overwatch 2 there could be a blowout in points for certain teams.

The two-region system makes it so even if one region is scheduled as fairly as possible, the fact that they need to be integrated within another region will inevitably make it unbalanced in some way or another.

The Time Schedule:

The times for APAC are as painful as ever for the North American fans. Some teams’ fans like New York, who have moved back to the NA region, will be saved from the early mornings. Those who are supporting their APAC teams will have to be waking up early or not ever going to bed. 3 am PST/6 am EST is the earliest starting time, while if one is lucky to have their team playing later that day the start time could be 6 am PST/9 am EST. It does look like the Overwatch League will be rebroadcasting some of the more anticipated matches at more standard times for North American fans.

This is of course assumed as the APAC games are being broadcasted live for the APAC fans living in that region. That being said, hopefully, all broadcasts will do a better job than previous seasons of promoting that other regions’ matches to their fans.

APAC Schedule

The APAC 2022 schedule always brings to social media the ‘early bird’ group of fans who watch their favorite team or players live. This season it will be nice for the community to be able to watch the progression from the first mini-tournament all the way to the end of how the head-to-head matchups will play out. This will provide not only the fans but the casters a better look at the overall strength of teams and provide narratives of rivalries. Though no North American fan looks forward to setting their alarm for 3 am in the morning, there is no doubt that with the schedule release the community is excited for that first APAC match coming of so soon.

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